Leif Ericson

WEEK 1: Lesson Plan on LEIF ERICSON (1000 A.D.)

READ:  Grades K – 4:  Leif Ericson:  Explorer of Vinland by Matthew Grant OR The Age of Leif Eriksson by Richard Humble pgs 12-13 and 16 –end

5 – 8:  The Viking Explorers by Jim Gallagher  Chp 1 and Chp 4 – end
No legal image is available for the K- 4 book options.


  • What group of people did Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky belong to?  (Vikings)
  • Why was Eric the Red banished for 3 years from Iceland?  (he killed some men)
  • Where did he sail to?  (Greenland)
  • Why did he name it Greenland if most of it was covered with ice?  (Thought people would be more likely to move there if it had a nice name.)
  • Why did people form a settlement in Greenland?  (Getting too crowded in Iceland)
  • Why did Leif want to explore the lands to the west of Greenland?  (wanted to explore, colony needed wood; very few trees in Greenland)
  • Where did Leif and his men finally land? (Vinland, some people think it was Newfoundland, some Massachusetts, etc.)
  • Why did he name it Vinland?  (A member of his group found grapes there.)
  • Other Vikings came to America but their colonies failed.  Why? (fighting with Indians, fighting with each other.)
  • Why did the Vikings eventually leave Greenland?  (climate became too cold.)

ACTIVITIES: All ages:  Make a map of Leif’s voyage using this link:

Grades K – 2: Do Leif Ericson coloring page 

3 – 5: Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting life for the Vikings on Greenland with life in America.

6 – 8: Write an essay:  If you were Leif Ericson, after experiencing life on all three islands, which island would you have chosen to live on and why?

Copyright August 17th, 2012 by Gwen Fredette



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14 responses to “Leif Ericson

  1. Mariette

    What a find!!! This is awesome…Thank you Gwen!!

  2. Wilmarie Diaz

    Can the lesson plans be printed?

  3. Andrea Criswell

    Thank you so much! I am homeschooling a child in my church who has always been public schooled. She has many gaps in her understanding of history. I have been unsure where to begin, until reading your curriculum! Thank you for making this so helpful and user friendly! And for making it free! What a huge blessing

  4. yolanda garcia

    Gwen, Thank you so much for making this website, this is a real Blessing. It will be my 2nd year Homeschooling grades 1st and 3rd;I did try to teach my girls U.S. History, but I did not do it like you have it! I did not know how to teach it; I did not know where to begin, I jumped from one era to the other, oh, what a mess that was.. this is truly amazing!!
    I am so happy, now I’m going to have a real curriculum, Thank You So Much, May God Bless You!!!

  5. Jenny

    This is such a wonderful blessing to homeschool families! We are a self-employed homeschooling family that has had a rough year financially & our budget for curricula is slim this year. I stumbled upon your site via another blog post. This free history curriculum is an answer to prayer. Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of the homeschooling world.
    I was wondering if you have a book list for the entire year that can be printed or if it’s just listed by the week?
    Blessings to your & your family 🙂

    • Hi Jenny, I’m so glad you like this curriculum. I pray that it will be a blessing to the people who use it. No, I have not made up a book list for the entire year but I’ve had several people ask me to do that. Maybe I should do that this Fall 🙂 .For now, you will have to look at each lesson to see what books you will need for your children. May God continue to bless your homeschool adventure!

  6. Can’t get the individual week lesson plans to print. Looks very small on print preview screen

    • Hi Sonya, I believe most of my subscribers are able to print the lessons and the font prints out in a reasonable size. If you have some friends or family members who are good with computers, perhaps they can assist you. I hope the lessons are a blessing to you! – Gwen 🙂

  7. I LOVE THIS Thank you so much for posting such wonderful lessons!!!!

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