Jamestown Colony

  Week 4: Lesson Plan on Jamestown Colony   (1607 A.D.)

READ:  K – 3:  Our Strange New Land:  Elizabeth’s Diary Jamestown, Virginia, 1609  by Patricia Hermes (pgs 99 – end only)

4 – 6:   Our Strange New Land:  Elizabeth’s Diary Jamestown, Virginia, 1609  by Patricia Hermes (whole book)

7 – 8:  A New Look at Jamestown by Karen Lange

These images were obtained from Amazon.com.


  • Where was the Jamestown settlement located? (in Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay)
  • Which Indian tribe controlled most of these lands? (Powhatan)
  • What type of people chose to inhabit the Jamestown settlement? (Indentured servants, poor, homeless, gentlemen from high-ranking wealthy families looking for adventure)
  • What were some good and bad qualities of most of the “gentlemen” who came to the settlement? (knew how to operate muskets, in charge of protecting the community, many were lazy and did not want to work, were not helpful to the community in building, planting, etc.)
  • What metal did the Indians value? (copper)
  • Who were the chief translators between the Indians and the English? (boys)
  • Many people died in the Jamestown settlement.  What were the major causes? (famine, many didn’t know how to farm or fish and didn’t want to try, leaders argued with each other, salty, polluted river was their drinking water, drought)

Questions for grades 7 – 8:

  • What crop became a huge money-maker for the colonists? (tobacco)
  • Peace finally came between the English and Chief Powhatan.  Why? (marriage of Pocahontas and John Wolfe)
  • After Powhatan died how did things change for the English? (New Indian chief unfriendly to English, ordered an attack killing ¼ of the population, English settlers continued to suffer from disease & unhealthy conditions)
  • Why was Jamestown so significant in our country’s history? (really beginning of America’s history, story of perseverance)


 K – 3: View some of the Jamestown drawings from this website.  Ask  your child to draw a picture of Jamestown similar to one from this site.  http://www.virtualjamestown.org/gallery2.html

4 – 6: Pretend you are a newspaper reporter.  Write a newspaper article about the “Starving Time” you see at the Jamestown colony.

7 – 8: If you had to choose between being one of the leaders (like John Smith) of the Jamestown community or just an average citizen there,  what  would you choose and why? Write an essay.

Copyright September 2nd, 2012 by Gwen Fredette

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