Week 5: Pocahontas   1595 – 1617 A.D.

WATCH:  K – 3:  Animated Hero Classics: Pocahontas  by Nest Entertainment OR  READ: The True Story of Pocahontas by Lucille Penner

4 – 6:   Pocahontas: The True Story of the Powhatan Princess by Catherine Iannone

7 – 8:  “In Their Own Words: Pocahontas”   by George Sullivan

These images were obtained from Amazon.com.

  • When and where did Pocahontas first meet English settlers? (in Jamestown when she was 12)
  • Why was Pocahontas such an important figure?  (Her father was chief Powhatan, most powerful figure in the area)
  • Why was John Smith’s life spared? (Pocahontas threw herself upon him just before he was to be killed.)
  • What was the English settlers’ relationship with the Indians like after Pocahontas saved John Smith? (Powhatan sent the settlers food.)
  • John Smith promised to send the Indians weapons.  Did he? (no)


 K – 3: Coloring Page of Pocahontas and her father: http://www.daycoloringpages.com/2013/06/picture-activity-pocahontas-coloring-pages/pocahontas-and-kocoum-coloring-pages-picture-4/  OR choose a coloring/activity page from this Nest Entertainment coloring book by clicking here: http://www.dscl.org/kids/Pocahontas.pdf

4 – 6: Why do you think Pocahontas liked the colonists at age 12?  Why do you think she liked them as an adult?  Write a paragraph for each question.

7 – 8: Write a poem about Pocahontas  OR Write an essay on the following topic:  Was Pocahontas a peacemaker or a spoiled brat?

Copyright September 8, 2012 by Gwen Fredette


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