Colonial Life (Part I)

Week 12: Colonial Life (Part I)

READ: K – 4:  Colonial Life (A True Book)  by Brendan January pgs 1 – 30 AND Projects About Colonial Life by Morian Broida (See Activities)

5 – 8:  Your Travel Guide to Colonial America by Nancy Day pgs 1 – 49


These images were obtained from  No legal image is available to me for Projects About Colonial Life by Morian Broida.


  • What were the original 13 colonies? (See pg 15 of Colonial Life or pg 18 of Your Travel Guide to Colonial America – MA, NH, NY, RI, CT, NJ, PA, VA, NC, SC, & GA)
  • Describe early colonial houses? (small, dark, only one main room, usually no windows but paper smeared with grease, some similar to Indian wigwams, others were log cabins made with wood planks)
  • What were some of the early cities and villages? (Jamestown, Plymouth, & Philadelphia, PA)
  • What did colonists wear? (only one or 2 outfits)
  • Where did they get their clothes? (most made their own, wealthy people could buy clothes from England and wore wigs)
  • Why did people come to America? (religious freedom, some wanted land, some wanted to find gold, some people were orphans, slaves and convicts sent from Europe)

ACTIVITIES: All Grades:  Label map of original 13 colonies using map from

K – 3: Do the “Hornbook” or “Quill Pen” project from Projects about Colonial Life.  For Materials you’ll need: a large feather, some ink, cardboard, & sheet of clear plastic (like a report cover)

4 – 6: 13 colonies state capitals worksheet from  You may use this map from for help: MAP.

7 – 8: Write an essay:  Pretend you had the opportunity to spend a week in Colonial America.  What do you think you would like about living then?  What do you think you wouldn’t like?

Copyright October 27, 2012 by Gwen Fredette

To reach next week’s post, Colonial Life (Part II) click HERE.

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