Colonial Life (Part II)

Week 13: Colonial Life (Part II)

READ: K – 4:  Colonial Life (A True Book)  by Brendan January pgs 31 – end

5 – 8:  Your Travel Guide to Colonial America by Nancy Day pgs 50 – end


  • What foods did the colonists eat? (turkeys, oysters, berries, apples, food from homeland, pork, bacon, beans, pumpkin, deer, & seafood)
  • What did the colonists use for medicine? (doctors made them bleed, many believed in superstitious ways to cure themselves, such as: eating kidneys helped your kidneys. )
  • Who had better medicines, the colonists or Native Americans? (Native Americans.  Willow tree bark helped with headaches, black spruce needles helped with scurvy because they are rich in vitamin C)
  • What did Colonists do for fun? (hide & seek, tag, hopscotch, dominoes, sledding, ice skating, ninepins, swimming)

Discuss: Grades 5 – 8 –  What diseases did they suffer from? (small pox, scurvy, malaria, typhoid, dysentery)


K – 3: Coloring page from classroom  Click HERE.

4 – 6: Make a chart listing the 13 colonies, the founder of each colony, and the year each colony was founded.  Use one of these site pages for help:

  • “Colony List” – Click HERE.   OR
  • “Bl Colonial 13” – Click HERE.

7 – 8: Do activity for grades 4 – 6, AND list the major religions and exports for each colony.  You may use this page from Revive the for help.          Click HERE.

Copyright November 4, 2012 by Gwen Fredette

To reach last week’s post, Colonial Life (Part I) click HERE.

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