Salem Witch Trials

Week 15: Salem Witch Trials (1692)

READ: K – 3:  The Salem Witch Trials by Jane Yolen & Heidi  Stemple

4 – 5:  The Salem Witch Trials by Edward Dolan

6 – 8:  The Salem Witchcraft Trials by Karen Zeinert


  • Where did the Salem witch trials take place? (Massachusetts)
  • What religious group was involved with the trials? (Puritans)
  • T/F  Puritan children were able to play games and have free time to have fun. (F)
  • What happened to Betty & Abigail? (they got sick, rolled, convulsed, & shouted bizarre unintelligible words)
  • Why did Reverend Parris think a witch did that to them? (He had no other good explanation)
  • After the girls first accused the 3 women, were others accused? (yes)
  • What happened to them? (some were hung, one man was pressed to death, others were put in jail)
  • If people confessed to being witches were they hung? (no)
  • What was Spectral Evidence? (girls claimed to see ghosts during the trial to prove that suspects were guilty)
  • Who put an end to the trials? (Sir William Phips, the governor of Massachusetts)
  • Why do you think the girls accused so many people? (to get attention, etc.)
  • How did Phips change our court system? (said that “spectral evidence” could no longer be used in court)


K – 3: Draw your own picture of a Salem witch trial or color in this page from  Click HERE.

4 – 6: Do the Salem Witchcraft trials wordsearch from Wordsearch fun.  Click HERE.

7 – 8: Do wordsearch above and write out the answers to the following questions:  Why do you think the girls involved in the Salem Witch Trials originally began shaking?  Explain your answer.  Did the governor of Massachusetts wait too long to get involved?  Explain your answer.  Should the father of the daughters involved and the daughters themselves have been punished for their actions?  Explain your answer.

Copyright November 17th, 2012 by Gwen Fredette


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