Indian Wars (1600’s & Early 1700’s)

Week 16: Indian Wars (1600’s and Early 1700’s)

VIEW: K – 8:  500 Nations A Jack Leustig Film Hosted by Kevin Costner.  View only the following scenes:

  • Disc 2 Episode 4:  Scene 17 “Decades of Peace”; Watch from King Philip to the end of disc.
  • Disc 3 Episode 5:  Watch from Scene 1 “Credits” to Scene 8 “Pontiac”

Note: Many Native Americans at this time wore very little clothing.  Many drawings accompany this documentary showing men and women wearing their traditional clothing.  (i.e. There are many images of almost naked Male and Female Native Americans.  Parents may want to preview this movie.)  This documentary is excellent but may be a bit hard for kids in grades K – 3 to understand.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any age-appropriate resources on this topic for K-3.


  • Who was King Philip? (Massasoit’s son, Indian chief)
  • Why was King Philip angry with the colonists? (they were trying to force their religion on them; they were taking over their lands)
  • What was King Philip’s war? (Philip rallied many Native Americans to fight against the colonists.)
  • What happened to Philip’s wife and son? (sold into slavery)
  • Who won the war? (Colonists)
  • Name some good and bad consequences to the Native American’s way of life from the fur trade? (gained new weapons & tools; stopped farming; many Native Americans spent all their time hunting animals to be able to trade)
  • What happened to the Sewee tribe? (wanted to be able to trade directly with Europe; built large canoes to sail across the ocean; were unprepared for storms at sea;  all either died or were sold into slavery;  every able-bodied man and woman went on the canoes; only children, sick, & elderly were left behind – Sewee nation perished)
  • Why did the Native Americans side with the French during the French & Indian War? (French traded with them, but did not come to take over the land)
  • Why was Pontiac such an important leader? (unified Indian tribes that used to be enemies in order to make a united attack on the English)
  • How successful was he? (was able to take over many English forts, but could not succeed in the end without the help from the French;  French did not help him because they signed a peace treaty with the English)

ACTIVITIES: K – 3: Draw your own picture of the French & Indian War

4 – 6: Write an essay telling about 3 new things you learned about Native Americans from this film.

7 – 8: Write an essay (5 paragraph – 3 proof)  telling about 3 new things you learned about Native Americans from this film.

Copyright November 24, 2012 by Gwen Fredette

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