Tower of Babel/Ancient Babylon

Week 4:   Tower of Babel/Ancient Babylon Part I

READ:  K – 3:  Tower of Babel story in a children’s Bible & The Babylonians: Life in Ancient Babylon (Chps 1 – 3 only) by Martha Rustad

4 – 5:  Genesis  11:  1 – 32 & The Babylonians: Life in Ancient Babylon (Chps 1 – 3 only) by Martha Rustad

6 – 8:  Genesis  11: 1 – 32 & The Sumerians by Elaine Landau

Note: Many people believe the Tower of Babel was built during the Babylonian empire.  Read 1 Chronicles 1:19.  This verse is about Peleg, the great, great, great grandson of Noah.  The verse says that in his time the earth was divided.  He probably lived at about the time of the building of the Tower of Babel.  There are some people who believe at one time the earth was all one continent, but at some point, it was broken into pieces.  Is it possible that in addition to confusing their languages, that God “scattered them from there over all the earth” by dividing the earth into pieces? Something to think about!


  • How many languages were spoken when people began building the Tower of Babel? (1)
  • Why did the Lord scatter the people over the earth and confuse their languages? (because they wanted to make a name for themselves)
  • What does the word “Babel” mean? (confused)
  • Find a picture of a ziggurat in your text or on the internet. (Click HERE.)  Many people believe the tower of Babel was a ziggurat.  Is this how you pictured the Tower of Babel?
  • Why were most ziggurats built? (to honor a city’s patron god)
  • What were the Babylonians’ buildings made of? (baked bricks)
  • Where did the Ancient Mesopotamians first live? (Fertile Crescent Area)
  • Which group living in Mesopotamia invented the first writing system? (The Sumerians)
  • Who lived in Mesopotamia first, the Sumerians or the Babylonians? (Sumerians)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8:

  • What were some of the jobs/positions of people in Ancient Mesopotamia? (king, government officials, merchants, scribes, farmers, slaves, priests)
  • How many gods did the Mesopotamians believe in? (Hundreds)

ACTIVITIES: K – 2: Build a ziggurat out of Legos, blocks, etc.

3 – 5:  Write a paragraph discussing some good and bad things about everyone being able to speak the same language.

6 – 8:  Write an essay: Compare and contrast Ancient Mesopotamian Life with the lives of the Ancient Hebrews.  Be sure to include where they lived, what they worshipped, what type of work they did, etc.

Copyright January 5th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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