Week 10: Mummies

 READ:  K – 3:  Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki

4 – 6:  Secret of the Mummies by Harriet Griffey

7 – 8:  Egyptian Mummies by Delia Pemberton



  • What is a mummy? (a dead body dried out so it won’t decay)
  • What was the first step in how mummies were made? (They took out the inner organs.)
  • How were the brains removed? (by a hook through the nostrils)
  • What was the body stuffed with? (linen, natron – a type of salt, sand, & saw dust)
  • What was the body wrapped with? (linen)
  • What were amulets? (magical figures tucked between the wrappings)
  • What were the 4 canopic jars for? (jars were symbolic of gods who protected the lungs, stomach, liver, & intestines or stomach)
  • What was a nest of coffins? (a coffin inside a coffin, inside a coffin)
  • Why were curses often written on the coffins & tomb? (to keep out thieves)
  • Where were most Egyptian tombs? (in the desert)
  • What is the most famous mummy ever found? (Tutankhamen – King Tut)
  • What things did people have buried with them? (things to take to the afterlife: gold, boats, pets, many other household objects)


K – 3:   Apple mummy experiment:  Cut an apple in half.  Put one apple in a Tupperware completely covered with salt.  Keep the other apple sitting out on a dish.  View the 2 apples after 1, 2 and 3 weeks.  Which apple looks decayed?  Which apple looks relatively the same?

4 – 5: Write an essay: if you had the opportunity to go into a mummy’s tomb, would you want to go?  Why or why not?

6 – 8: Write an essay: name 3 new things you learned about mummies from reading this book?  Give details about each one.

Copyright February 16th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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