Week 12: Hieroglyphics

READ:  K – 5:  Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt (Chp 4) by Linda Honan

6 – 8:  The Mystery of the Hieroglyphs by Carol Donoughue



  • What were hieroglyphs? (Ancient Egyptian Writing)
  • What did the Egyptians write on? (papyrus)
  • What word in English comes from this word? (paper)
  • Could most Ancient Egyptians read & write? (no)
  • Who did most of the writing? (Scribes)
  • What is a cartouche? (oval line around letters indicating a name)
  • What direction did the Egyptians read in? (left to right; right to left, up & down)
  • How were people finally able to understand Ancient Egyptian? (by finding the Rosetta Stone)
  • Who deciphered it? (Jean Francois Champollion)
  • In particular, writing on what places were people anxious to understand? (writing on tombs, temples, & ancient buildings)


K – 2: Using the symbols on pg 39 of your book, write your name in Egyptian; be sure to put a cartouche around your name.

3 – 5: Using the symbols on pg 39, write your name in Egyptian.  Then write a simple sentence about your favorite dinner and dessert (in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs).

6 – 8: Do the above projects using the Hieroglyphs on pg 40 of your book.  Then, write a paragraph explaining what you’ve learned about Champollion (in English).


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