John Hancock

Week 1: John Hancock (1737 – 1793)

(President of Continental Congress in 1775)


READ: K – 1:  A Picture Book of John Hancock by David & Michael Adler

2 – 3: Will You Sign Here, John Hancock by Jean Fritz

4 – 7:  John Hancock by Candice Ransom

8:  John Hancock: A Signature Life by Philip Koslow


Note: John Hancock joined a special group called the Sons of Liberty that met to encourage independence from Britain and freedom for the colonists.  At one time John Hancock and his friend Sam Adams were in danger of being captured by the British.  Their friend, Paul Revere, warned them that the soldiers were coming and saved their lives.  You will be learning more about Paul Revere in the weeks to follow.



  • Why did John move in with his rich uncle as a boy? (His father died; mother was poor; uncle had no children)
  • T/F Hancock was one of the richest people in the colonies. (T)
  • T/F Hancock lived in Virginia.  (F)
  • What state was he elected leader of? (Massachusetts)
  • Describe the troubles Massachusetts was having.  (Boston tea party, outraged by taxes, British preventing ships from coming or going.)
  • What special group did Hancock join? (Sons of Liberty)
  • Why did King George want to hang Hancock? (spoke against unfair laws of King; was very influential because he was so wealthy and popular)
  • John and his friend Sam Adams were in danger because of their words against the King.  Who warned them that the British were coming to kill them? (Paul Revere)
  • What group was John elected president of? (Continental Congress)
  • What important document was he the first to sign? (Declaration of Independence)
  • Why is his signature so famous? (Because he wrote it so big!)



 K – 2: Discuss:  Why do you think Hancock signed his name so big?  Think of times when you sign your name.  When should you sign it big?  When should you sign it smaller? Using this SITE for help,  (from Handwriting for kids) practice writing your name in script, then color in this page of John Hancock by clicking HERE.  (from About Homeschooling)

3 – 5: Write a paragraph explaining why King George wanted to kill Hancock.

6 – 8:  Write an essay on the following:  King George wanted to hang Hancock.  If he had succeeded, would that have caused the commotion in Massachusetts to die down, or would it have furthered the Revolution?  Explain your answer.


Copyright April 21st, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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  1. Eden

    John Hancock is a very interesting man to read about and I enjoyed it!

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