Paul Revere

Week 2:  Paul Revere   1735 – 1818 A.D.

(Midnight Ride 1775)


READ:  K – 4:  A Picture Book of Paul Revere by David Adler

5 – 6:  Paul Revere by Gail Sakurai  (Cornerstones of Freedom)

7 – 8: The Many Rides of Paul Revere by James Cross Giblin


(I cannot legally put a picture of Paul Revere by Gail Sakurai on this website.  To see an image of the book, please click HERE.)


  • What main type of work did Paul Revere do?  (Silversmith)
  • Name some other important jobs Revere did when it became harder for people to buy things made of silver? (goldsmith, made false teeth, engraved copper plates & printed pictures, made eyeglasses)
  • Paul was part of a group called The Sons of Liberty.  What did this group believe? (Against British rule in the colonies)
  • Why were there so many British soldiers in the colonies? (Had come for French & Indian War; remained to protect colonists and to enforce rights of Native Americans to their lands)
  • Why did the British begin taxing the colonists? (In debt from French & Indian war; wanted colonists to help pay to keep soldiers in colonies)
  • What did the phrase “No Taxation without representation” mean? (Colonists had no representative in British parliament to complain on their behalf.   They didn’t want the British soldiers in their colonies – they also didn’t want to pay to keep them.)
  • Describe the “Boston Massacre”. (Colonists threw snowballs, ice, & wood at soldiers, called them names; soldiers shot and killed 5 of them.)
  • How did Paul Revere stir up hatred for the British from the Boston Massacre? (Made an engraving of the massacre with the soldiers firing their guns at peaceful citizens.   Many copies were printed and sent all over the colonies.  This wasn’t a true picture of what happened, but it angered the colonists.)
  • Describe the Boston Tea Party.  Did Paul Revere participate? (Group of men disguised themselves as Native Americans, climbed aboard a British ship and dumped its tea into the water.  Yes, most historians believe he participated.  Men were angry about the tax on tea.  They refused to buy it and pay the tax.  The British ship refused to leave.)
  • How did the King punish Boston citizens for the tea party? (Sent 5000 soldiers to Boston, wouldn’t let any ship in or out of the harbor until the citizens paid for the tea.)
  • How did Paul protect the colonists in Lexington & Concord? (heard the British were about to attack so he rode through the night and warned the citizens.)


K – 2: Boston Massacre  coloring page.  Click HERE.

3 – 5: Paul Revere’s 3 most important acts towards the American Revolution were: his involvement in the Boston Tea Party, his engraving of the Boston Massacre, and his warning to men of Lexington & Concord that the British were coming.  Which of these three do you think was the most important?  Why?

6 – 8: Write an essay describing Paul Revere’s three acts that served as precursors to the American Revolution.  (See activity for grades 3  – 5) Then give your opinion on which of the three was the most important and why?


Copyright April 27th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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