Patrick Henry

Week 3:  Patrick Henry 1736 – 1799 (Famous Speech 1775)



K – 5:  Where was Patrick Henry On the 29th of May? By Jean Fritz

6 – 8:  Patrick Henry: American Statesman and Speaker by JoAnn A. Grote

Grade 8 should also read: Book of Great American Speeches for Young People by Suzanne McIntire (pg 17 “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”)

OR you can read the speech online by clicking HERE. (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation site.)



  • Describe the business Patrick Henry had with his brother? (ran a store; not many people had the money to pay for what they needed; boys didn’t always work as hard as they should have)
  • After failing at the store and running a tobacco plantation, what did Patrick decide to do? (become a lawyer.)
  • What did Patrick Henry’s father do? (he was a judge)
  • What was Patrick’s first big case? (Parsons wanted more money; townsfolks didn’t have the money to pay them; the king of England sided with the Parsons)
  • How did Henry feel about speaking before his father and the crowd? (nervous)
  • Did his speech start well? (no, he fumbled for words, unable to look at audience)
  • How did his speech end? ( with passion, conviction, spoke with highs and lows to stir the crowd)
  • How did his life change after this speech? (Became popular and known as great speaker, fought against unfair taxes, became wealthy and had many clients)
  • What happened to Henry’s first wife? (lost her mind; died young)
  • Describe Henry’s most famous speech? (spoke with passion, modeled chains of slavery and a sword in the heart as he cried, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”)
  • How did this speech affect people? (crowd went wild with excitement)
  • What job did he have in his later years? (Governor of Virginia)
  • What was the Bill of Rights and what did Henry have to do with it? (Listed Americans’ basic rights.  Patrick Henry persuaded our founding fathers to eventually add the Bill of Rights to our Constitution.)
  • T/F Henry had slaves.  (True)


K – 2: Draw a picture of Patrick Henry giving his most famous speech.

3 – 4: Complete word find from Word Search Fun by clicking HERE.

5 – 8: Write an essay on the following: Patrick Henry’s greatest gift to America was his voice.  Explain.


Copyright May 4th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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