The Declaration of Independence (Part I)

Week 4: The Declaration of Independence (Part I)


READ:  K – 4:  The Declaration of Independence by Elaine Landau (Chapters 1 & 2)

5 – 6:  Liberty! How the Revolutionary War Began by Lucille Recht Penner  OR The Liberty Tree by Lucille Recht Penner (Read up to page 19 for either book)

7 -8:  Give Me Liberty! By Russell Freedman (Chps 1 – 4)


  • What country did the 13 colonies belong to? (Great Britain)
  • Who led Great Britain? (King George III)
  • Why was Great Britain in debt? (had borrowed money to pay for ships, soldiers, weapons, supplies for French & Indian War)
  • How did Great Britain decide to get money to pay their debt? (from taxes)
  • Colonists decided to boycott British goods.  What does boycott mean? (refuse to buy)
  • What was the Quartering Act? (Act that said that colonists had to provide British soldiers with food, supplies, and give them places to live.)
  • The colonists stopped buying British tea, but still managed to get tea to drink.  How? (Dutch merchants brought tea illegally.)
  • What does “Taxation without Representation” mean? (Colonists felt they were being taxed without having someone in Parliament to speak on their behalf.)
  • Describe the Boston Massacre? (Colonists threw snowballs, ice, & wood at soldiers, called them names; soldiers shot and killed 5 of them.)
  • What were some of the names for the British soldiers? (redcoats, lobster backs, bloody backs)
  • Describe the Boston Tea Party. (Group of men disguised themselves as Native Americans, climbed aboard a British ship and dumped its tea into the water.  Men were angry about the tax on tea.  They refused to buy it and pay the tax.  The British ship carrying the tea had refused to leave.)
  • How did the King punish Boston citizens for the tea party? (Sent 5000 soldiers to Boston, wouldn’t let any ship in or out of the harbor until the citizens paid for the tea.)
  • Why do you think the King passed laws banning public meetings in the colonies? (to keep people from planning rebellious acts.)
  • What happened at the First Continental Congress? (Group of men met in Philadelphia and wrote a letter to the king, saying they were loyal to him, but wanted him to respect their rights.  They condemned what they felt were “intolerable acts”.)


K – 2: Coloring page from USA printables.  Click HERE.

3 – 5: Write a paragraph describing at least 3 things that King George did that angered the colonists.

6 – 8: Write an essay describing at least 3 things that King George did that angered the colonists.  Then tell what you think would have angered you the most if you had lived at that time.


Copyright May 12th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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2 responses to “The Declaration of Independence (Part I)

  1. Michele

    For a “frugal” history study it is very frustrating that the majority of these books cannot be found in my local library.

    • Hi Michele,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding the resources listed. Do you live in a small town? Virtually ALL of the resources can be found in the Philadelphia public libraries. I’m thankful that the site has been a blessing to many! The site is not just “frugal”, it is free! If the lessons are not a help to you, you may have to look for other history curriculum. May God lead you to find the curriculum and resources that work best for your family!

      – Gwen Fredette
      (Author, U Read Thru History)

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