John Adams

Week 7: John Adams (1735 – 1826)


READ:  K – 6:  The Revolutionary John Adams by Cheryl Harness

7 -8:  John Adams, Young Revolutionary by Jan Adkins OR John Adams: Second U.S. President by Michael Burgan



  • John Adams first became famous doing what job? (acted as a lawyer for the soldiers from the Boston Massacre)
  • Who did John marry? (Abigail Adams)
  • John became a delegate for the Continental Congress from which state? (Massachusetts)
  • Where was the congress held? (Philadelphia)
  • Why did the colonists decide to stop trading with England? (felt that Taxation without representation was unfair;  port of Boston shut down)
  • During the second Continental Congress the men met to find a commander for the army.  Who did John nominate? (George Washington)
  • Name three men who helped write the Declaration of Independence? (John Adams, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, Ben Franklin & Thomas Jefferson)
  • On  what day did the delegates vote for the Declaration? (4th of July 1776)
  • Why was John Adam’s life in danger? (Anyone who signed the Declaration was in danger of being hung if caught)
  • Abigail Adams is probably more famous than any other president’s wife.  Why?  (She was very bright and John’s best friend.  He valued her opinions greatly.  They often wrote letters back and forth; she gave him advice on various matters and influenced his decisions greatly.)
  • John worked as a diplomat in what country? (France) Why?  (To gain their support for the War.)
  • After the war, John became an ambassador to what country? (England)
  • John Adams became our country’s first … (vice president)
  • Did he enjoy being Vice President? (no, felt he had very little important things to do)
  • When Adams became President what troubles did he have? (He didn’t get along with his Vice President, Thomas Jefferson; France was falling apart in its own Revolution and wanted help from America)
  • What new house did the Adams live in as President? (White House)
  • Who was John Quincy Adams and what did he do? (John Adams’ son; became 6th president)
  • What old rival did John begin writing to again as an old man? (Thomas Jefferson)
  • On what day did John Adams and Thomas Jefferson die? (4th of July)


K – 3: Color in the picture of John Adams from by clicking HERE.

4 – 6:  Complete the following attached worksheet: John Adams Timeline

7 – 8:  Complete the following worksheet from Garden of by clicking HERE.


Copyright June 1st, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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