Revolutionary War (Part II)

Week 10: Revolutionary War (Part II)


READ:  K – 5:  Liberty or Death: The American Revolution (pgs 33 – end) by Betsy & Giulio Maestro

6 – 8: The American Revolution (pgs 52 – end) by Michael Weber



  • What British general defeated Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Anne, & Fort Edward but then was defeated at Saratoga? (Burgoyne)
  • What Patriot General became a traitor? (Benedict Arnold)
  • Which army took control of Philadelphia? (British)
  • Where did Washington’s army camp after the defeat in Philadelphia? (Valley Forge)
  • Describe the good and bad experiences of Washington’s army at Valley Forge? (not enough food, clothes, blankets, etc.; Baron Friedrich von Steuben instructed the troops in military, soldiers learned discipline, became better trained)
  • What good news came from France? (decided to help Americans; sent supplies & later, troops)
  • Who won most of the battles in the South? (the British)
  • Many of the Battles in the South were in which state? (South Carolina)
  • What French general came to help the Americans? (Rochambeau)
  • In what city did the British officially surrender? (Yorktown)
  • How did the Americans win that battle? ( Washington, Von Steuben, Rochambeau & the French surrounded British General Cornwallis; he was trapped; they had no way out and supplies couldn’t get in)
  • How did the British feel about being defeated by the Americans? (angry & embarrassed)
  • What was the final Peace treaty called? (Treaty of Paris)


K – 3: Congress approved a new flag for the United States on June 14th 1777.  Color in this page from patriot coloring pages by clicking HERE and ask your parent to read the caption below it.

4 – 8: Print this worksheet from by clicking HERE.   Then label the following battles/places on your map: Fort Ticonderoga, Saratoga, and Yorktown.  Draw a triangle at Valley Forge.  British victories should be marked in red.  Patriot victories/camps should be marked in blue.  Next, color in South Carolina red.  Many battles were fought in this state and won by the British.


Copyright June 22nd, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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