Daily Life (1776) Part I

Week 11: Daily Life (1776) Part I


Note: We will be studying Thomas Jefferson in great detail next year when we study the great expansion of America and the Louisiana Purchase.

 READ:  K – 5:  If you Lived at the Time of the American Revolution by Kay Moore (pgs 1 – 40)

6 – 8: If You Were There in 1776 by Barbara Brenner (pgs 1 – 63)


  • How did colonial people dress? (Men & boys – knickers & hats, rich men wore wigs; women & girls wore bonnets and skirts down to their ankles; rich women wore wigs, hoop skirts.  Typical townsfolk wore linen & wool, Wealthy citizens wore silk, satin, & lace.)
  • Who were the loyalists? (people who sided with the king; wanted to remain British citizens.)
  • What were some other names for loyalists? (Royalists, King’s friends, Tories)
  • Who were the Patriots? (people who wanted to be independent)
  • What were some other names for patriots? (Rebels,  Sons of Liberty, Whigs)
  • Some loyalists and tax collectors were tarred and feathered.  What does this mean? (They were stripped naked, had hot tar poured over them, and then had feathers poured all over them.  It was extremely humiliating.)
  • T/F  The decision to be independent or not divided many families.  (True)


K – 3: Go to these sites from usa-printables.com by clicking HERE and HERE and have fun coloring the pages.

4 – 8: Pretend you are Ben Franklin’s brother, running the newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts.  Write an article about the Boston Tea Party or about a tax collector you saw that was tarred and feathered.


Copyright June 29th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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