Daily Life (1776) Part II

Week 12: Daily Life (1776) Part II


READ:  K – 5:  If you Lived at the Time of the American Revolution by Kay Moore (pgs 41 – end)

6 – 8: If You Were There in 1776 by Barbara Brenner (pgs 64 – end)


  • Why didn’t many people eat sheep (mutton) during the war? (Wool needed for soldier’s uniforms)
  • Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? (Thomas Jefferson)
  • How did Loyalist and Patriot families support the war? (Many men and boys as young as 15 or 16 signed up to fight.  Women made clothes and blankets.  Lead was donated and made into bullets.  Many flew the new flag.  Many acted as spies for what armies were doing/planning.
  • Did children help in the war? (yes, some carried messages or even helped as spies.)

Questions for 6 – 8:

  • What side did most Native Americans take? Why? (sided with British because the British promised to protect their lands and keep colonists from moving there.)
  • What side did most African slaves take? Why? (British – they were promised their freedom if they fought for them)
  • How did many of the signers of the Declaration feel about slavery?  (Many didn’t feel it was right; yet they had slaves themselves.)
  • What were some of the most important cities in America at this time? (Boston, Philadelphia, & New York)


K – 2: Go to patriotic coloring pages.com by clicking HERE and have fun coloring the picture.

3 – 8:  Write a short story about one of the following:

  • When you went into town you heard some British soldiers talking about the attack planned on your neighbor’s house for tomorrow morning.  He has weapons stored in his barn.  What do you do?
  • Your parents are Loyalists and have made it clear that no one in your family should support the Patriots, but your Patriot Uncle who was wounded in battle, stumbles into your barn asking for help.  What do you do?

Copyright July 6th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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