Women & the Revolutionary War

Week 13: How Women Helped the Revolutionary War (1777)


READ:  K – 2: The Boston Coffee Party by Doreen Rappaport

3 – 4: The Boston Coffee Party by Doreen Rappaport AND Sybil Ludington’s Midnight Ride by Marsha Amstel

5 – 6: The Secret Soldier by Ann McGovern

7 – 8: Patriots in Petticoats by Shirley Raye Redmond



No legal image is available for me to post for The Boston Coffee Party, but you can see an image of the book by clicking HERE.

Note for kids in K – 6: Women helped support the Patriots in many ways.  They planned successful boycotts.  (They stopped buying British goods.)  They helped make uniforms and blankets for the soldiers.  They ran businesses and farms while their husbands were away fighting.  Mary Goddard owned a newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland, and bravely agreed to print copies of the Declaration of Independence when Philadelphia printers wouldn’t.  Betsy Ross was paid to make flags for America.  Many believe she was the one who created the first American flag.  Many  worked as nurses to care for the sick and wounded.  Other women cooked for the soldiers and brought them water while they were fighting.  Many women helped defend their towns from the Redcoats while their husbands were away.  Others, such as Deborah Samson, disguised themselves as men and actually fought in the war.   Some worked as spies in the British camps and went back to the Patriots to report on how many Redcoats were in a camp, or warned patriots when British were planning to attack.  Some even delivered secret messages.



  • What is a boycott? (When people stop buying something to hurt the seller.)
  • What did women of the colonies boycott? (British goods.)
  • How did women use sewing skills to help the Patriots? (made blankets, uniforms, flags)
  • Who is rumored to be the creator of the first American flag? (Betsy Ross)
  • T/F Women worked as nurses during the Revolutionary War. (True)
  • T/F During the Revolutionary War, women did not know how to use guns. (False, many used guns to defend themselves while their husbands were away.)
  • How did Deborah Samson help the Patriots? (dressed as a man and fought in the war)
  • T/F Women sometimes worked as spies for the Patriots. (true)
  • Thinking about the story (stories) you read, how did this woman’s (these women’s) actions help the war effort? (Answers will vary)


K – 2: Take a white piece of paper and fold it in half; then fold it again.  In each of the four sections, draw a picture of something women did to help in the Revolutionary War.

3 – 6:  Write a paragraph telling of at least 5 ways women helped in the Revolutionary War.  Be sure to include at least 2 names of famous women.

7 – 8:  Considering what you read of how women helped fight the Revolutionary War, which three women’s stories did you find the most interesting? Why?  Write an essay.


Copyright July 13th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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