Overview of Ancient Greece (Part I)

Week 1: Overview of Ancient Greece (Part I)


READ:  K – 5:  The Greeks: Life in Ancient Greece by Michelle Levine (Chps 1 – 3)

6 – 8:  Your Travel Guide to Ancient Greece by Nancy Day (pgs 1 – 41)


NOTE:  The books above cover the same material, but not in the same order.  All of the questions listed in today’s lesson are covered in chapters      1 – 3 of The Greeks: Life in Ancient Greece.  Some of these questions are covered in today’s reading requirement for Grades 6 – 8.  For some, a  6 – 8th grader won’t know the answers until they finish the book next week.


  • Name a sea near Ancient Greece? (Mediterranean, Aegean, or Ionian Sea)
  • In Ancient Greece, what were communities of people called? (city-states)
  • Name two famous city-states? (Athens & Sparta)
  • Name some jobs of middle class families in Ancient Greece? (farmers, traders, sellers, craftspeople)
  • What people made up the lower class? (slaves & laborers)
  • What were some common foods in Ancient Greece? (beans, goat cheese, bread, fish, olive oil, wine, & fruit)
  • What did they wear? (loose-fitting clothing called a chiton with a belt)
  • How did people travel? (walking or by boat)
  • Did girls usually go to school? (no)
  • What did boys in Sparta learn? (to be strong soldiers)
  • What did boys in Athens learn? (poetry, play instruments, sports)
  • Name some special events in Ancient Greece? (Drama festivals & Olympics)
  • T/F The Ancient Greeks believed in many gods. (T)
  • What did they build for their gods? (statues, temples, held sacrifices)
  • Name a famous building from Ancient Greece? (Parthenon)
  • T/F The Ancient Greeks always built small simple buildings. (false – many were large and magnificent, parts of some are still standing)
  • Name two types of buildings the ancient Greeks built that are still standing? (temples, theatres)
  • How large were the Ancient Greeks’ theatres? (some were huge – could hold up to 10,000 people)
  • What did they watch at the theatres? (plays)


 K – 8: Create a map of Ancient Greece using this link: CLICK HERE. Be sure to label Sparta, Athens, and either Olympia, or Mount Olympus.  (Use the maps in your reading assignments for help.)   Then using this template,  CLICK HERE, design a piece of Greek pottery that is similar to pictures in your book.  (I would suggest you copy and paste the image onto a word document.  Then it can be enlarged.)


Copyright August 16th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette

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