Roman Calendar/Roman Numerals

Week 13: Roman Calendar; Roman Numerals


READ: All Grades:

 K – 6:  Fun with Roman Numerals OR Roman Numerals both by David Adler

7 – 8:  Ancient Computing (Chp 7 only) by Michael Woods



Note:  Julius Caesar instituted the 365 day calendar.  The original calendar only had 10 months, which is why “Decem” meaning “10” was fitting as the last month.  January and February were later added to the beginning of the calendar, which is why December is now the 12th month.



  • What is the Roman Numeral for 1? For 5? For 10? (I, V, X)
  • How did the Ancient Romans write 4? 9? (IV, IX)
  • T/F Roman numerals are still used today. (T)
  • Who is July named after? (Julius Caesar)
  • Who is August named after? (Augustus)
  • What do the months September, October, November, & December stand for? (7,8,9,10)
  • Why don’t the numbers match the names of the months listed above? (original calendar was 2 months short.  It started with March and ended with December, the 10th month.  January & February were later added to the beginning of the calendar, pushing everything back.)
  • Who instituted the 365 day calendar? (Julius Caesar)
  • What do you think these three days of the week were named after: Sunday, Monday, Saturday? (Sun day, Moon day, Saturn day)


 K – 8: Complete the Roman Calendar/Roman Numerals Chart;                           Click here to access the worksheet: Roman Calendar


Copyright November 8th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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