Week 15: Gladiators


Read:  K – 4:  Spend the Day in Ancient Rome by Linda Honan              (Chps 8 – 10 only)

5 – 6:  The Roman Gladiators by Louise Park and Timothy Love

7 – 8: Gladiator by Richard Watkins (Chps 1 – 8 only)


Note on Entertainment in Ancient Rome:

  • At the Circus Maximus, Chariot races were held.
  • Romans also liked to watch plays performed at the theatre.
  • For their faith, many Christians were sent to the Colosseum to be killed by wild animals.


  • Name three types of entertainment for Ancient Romans? (Gladiator fights, Theatre, Chariot Races at Circus Maximus)
  • Where did the Gladiator games take place? (at the Colosseum)
  • Who did Gladiators fight? (other gladiators, animals)
  • Did many people come to watch? (yes, very popular)
  • Who were the Gladiators? Why were they chosen to fight? (many slaves or prisoners of war, men convicted of crimes)
  • T/F Gladiator games were bloody. (T)

Questions for Grades 7 & 8:

  • T/F Gladiators were trained at schools. (T)
  • What did Gladiators wear? (usually armor, shield and helmet)
  • Some people volunteered to be gladiators. (T)
  • Describe the sea battles that were gladiatorial combats? (man-made lakes dug to stage naval battles)
  • Name 2 famous leaders that staged sea battles? (Julius Caesar & Augustus Caesar)
  • T/F Many Christians were killed by wild animals at the Colosseum. (T)
  • T/F It was expensive to watch Gladiator fights.  (F)


K – 3: Draw your own picture of a Gladiator fight at the Colosseum.

4 – 6:  How were trips to the Colosseum like going to the movies?  How were they different?  Why do you think the gladiator fights were so popular?  Write 3 paragraphs.

7 – 8: Pretend you are a reporter at a Gladiator fight.  Write a report on what you saw today.


Copyright November 22nd, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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