Week 16: Pompeii


READ:  K – 5:  Pompeii… Buried Alive!  by Edith Kunhardt

6 – 7:  Pompeii by Richard Platt

8: Bodies from the Ash by James Deem



  • Where was Pompeii? (Italy)
  • What volcano erupted onto this city? (Mt Vesuvius)
  • Did people know it was going to erupt? (no)
  • T/F Many people died in Pompeii. (T)
  • What did the city become buried under? (ashes)
  • What ancient writer wrote about the eruption? (Pliny)
  • Describe the plaster casts scientists found? (shapes of people who had died)
  • T/F Hundreds of years later a new city/town was built over the top of Pompeii.  (T)
  • Were people surprised to find that Pompeii was buried under their city? (Yes)


K – 2: Draw a picture of ancient Pompeii as Vesuvius erupted.

3 – 8:  Write your own story of a family or shop keeper living in Pompeii during the eruption.


Copyright November 30th, 2013 by Gwen Fredette


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  1. The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is currently hosting an exhibit about the city of Pompeii. Museum attendees can view artifacts from this ancient city from Nov. 9th, 2013 – April 27th, 2014. To find out more about the Franklin Institute’s exhibit, click here: http://www.fi.edu/pompeii/.

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