Outline: New Government & Westward Expansion (American History)

Hello fellow Homeschoolers!

 I’m taking a break for the next few weeks, so I will not be posting lesson plans.  However, I’ll begin posting lesson plans again in early January.  They will be on the Framing of the New Government and the Westward Expansion  (American History).  Below you can see the outline for the Spring Semester.

May God bless you with a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Spring 2014 (American History)

New Government & Westward Expansion Lesson Plans Outline

  • Week 1: The Constitution
  • Week 2: The Bill of Rights
  • Week 3: Daniel Boone
  • Week 4: Eli Whitney (& the Cotton Gin)
  • Week 5:  Thomas Jefferson
  • Week 6: Lewis & Clark
  • Week 7:  Sacajawea
  • Week 8: James Madison
  • Week 9: War of 1812
  • Week 10: Story of Star Spangled Banner
  • Week 11:  Erie Canal
  • Week 12: Trail of Tears
  • Week 13: The Amistad
  • Week 14: Sojourner Truth
  • Week 15: Native American History Early 1800’s (Tecumseh’s Rebellion)
  • Week 16:  Wagon Trains
  • Week 17: New Government & Westward Expansion History Test

If you have any questions about these History Lesson Plans, please feel free to email me.  My email is gwen.silverliningpress@juno.com.  If you’ve found great resources that might be a help to others using this curriculum, please feel free to write messages on the comments section of each post for others to see.  Thanks!

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