The Bill of Rights

Week 2:  Bill of Rights


READ K – 3: The Bill of Rights (Chp 4 – end only) by Christine Taylor-Butler

5 – 6: The Bill of Rights (entire book) by Christine Taylor-Butler

7 – 8:  The Bill of Rights by Judith Lloyd Yero



  • What are the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution called?  (The Bill of Rights)
  • The 1st Amendment guarantees 5 basic freedoms.  What are they and describe each one?
  1. Religion – Worship as you please
  2. Speech – Say your opinion
  3. Press – Write or say your opinion through the media (newspapers, TV, radio, or internet
  4. Assemble – Get together with others for any peaceful reason
  5. Petition – Tell government what you don’t like or what you’d like to change
  • The 2nd amendment gives people the right to bear arms.  What does this mean? (gives people the right to fight and protect themselves)
  • T/F  The 3rd amendment says no one has to house a soldier in times of war.  (F – in times of peace)
  • According to the 4th amendment, can a police officer enter your house to search through your things without permission? (no)
  • According to the 5th amendment, a person is innocent until they are proved _______? (guilty)
  • Can a person be forced to talk if they don’t want to? (no)
  • What is a jury? (group of people chosen to rule on evidence in a trial)
  • Do all people have a right to a lawyer? (yes)
  • Do people have rights other than those listed in the Constitution? (yes)
  • T/F  The government can take on powers not listed in the Constitution.  (F)
  • T/F  Initially the Bill of Rights was only written for white men.  (T)

 ACTIVITIES: K – 5: Using your internet, get onto Google images and print out 5 pictures to complete this worksheet:  5 basic freedoms (word)  or this one: 5 basic freedoms (pdf).  You will need pictures of the following:

  • a)  A church
  • b) Someone giving a speech
  • c)  a TV
  • d.) An assembly
  • e.)  A petition

Grades 6 – 8: Complete this online worksheet:;  Answer key:


Copyright January 10th, 2014 by Gwen Fredette

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