Thomas Jefferson

Week 5:  Thomas Jefferson


READ K – 3: A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson by David Adler OR Thomas Jefferson by James Cross Giblin

* Also Highly Recommended reading: Worst of Friends by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain

4 – 6: Meet Thomas Jefferson by Marvin Barrett

7 – 8:  Thomas Jefferson by Veda Boyd Jones



(Highly Recommended Reading for Grades K- 3)


  • What was Thomas Jefferson’s greatest hobby as a boy? (reading)
  • How old was Thomas when his father died? (14)
  • Describe Jefferson’s feelings about slavery? (felt that slavery was wrong and he hated it, yet he always had slaves of his own, felt property couldn’t be run without them)
  • What was Jefferson’s first job after college? (worked as a lawyer)
  • The house Jefferson designed is very famous.  What did he call it? (Monticello – means little mountain)
  • What was Thomas’s wife’s name? (Martha)
  • Describe the heartache Thomas experienced in his family? (all but 1 of his children died before him, wife – Martha died)
  • What famous document did Thomas Jefferson write? (Declaration of Independence)
  • How did Jefferson work politically with George Washington ? (secretary of state) with John Adams? (Vice President)
  • Thomas Jefferson became the _____ president of our country? (3rd)
  • Describe the Louisiana Purchase? (Jefferson purchased land from Napoleon of France – it doubled the size of the U.S.)
  • On what day did Jefferson die? (4th of July)
  • Look at a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.  Can you guess which coin has Jefferson’s face on it? (the nickel)

Questions for grades 4 – 8:

  • Describe the relationship Thomas Jefferson had with John Adams when John Adams was president? (they disagreed over many things and did not get along, eventually, when Jefferson became president, they stopped speaking to each other.  Later, in their old age they renewed their friendship again)
  • Describe Jefferson’s money troubles near the end of his life? (had many debts, sold 1000’s of his books to Congress to pay debts but still behind, was in danger of losing Monticello, committees of American people worked to raise thousands of dollars to pay his debts.)
  • What did Jefferson want to be remembered for? (Declaration of Independence, Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, Father of University of Virginia)
  • What friend of Jefferson’s also died on the 4th of July? (John Adams)
  • Why was this particular 4th of July so special? (50th anniversary of signing of Declaration)

ACTIVITIES: K – 2:  Coloring page:

3 – 4: Complete this worksheet:

5 – 6: Thomas Jefferson crossword:

7 – 8: Write an essay describing the positive and negative aspects of Thomas Jefferson’s character.  Include information on the following: Declaration of Independence, Slave owner, Relationship with John Adams, Term as President, Choice of Meriwether Louis, Louisiana Purchase, Establishment of University of Virginia, and Financial troubles.


Copyright January 30th, 2014 by Gwen Fredette

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