Trail of Tears

Week 12: Trail of Tears


READ K – 5: Trail of Tears by Joseph Bruchac

6 – 8:  Only the Names Remain by Alex W. Bealer



  • In what state did the majority of the Cherokee live and have their capital in the early 1800’s? (Georgia)
  • Who was Sequoyah and what did he do? (Cherokee Indian, invented written Cherokee language)
  • What was the Cherokee Phoenix? (Cherokee newspaper written in Cherokee & English)
  • During the 1800’s to 1850’s how was the Cherokee  Nation different from many other Indian tribes? (built houses, children went to schools, many were wealthy plantation owners & farmers, lived and dressed like white men)
  • What was the Indian Removal Bill (Policy)? (Plan to move all Indian tribes west of the Mississippi)
  • Why did the Cherokee feel betrayed by Andrew Jackson? (Many had fought by his side in the War of 1812)
  • How did the discovery of gold in Georgia cause problems for the Cherokee? (Many white men came to their lands to get the gold)
  • Why did many Cherokee lose their homes? (White men came to take their land; government would not help them)
  • Who was John Ross? (Chief of Cherokee nation)
  • How did he try to help his people? (went to the Supreme Court to argue for the well-being of his people)
  • What did the Supreme court rule? (that the Cherokee nation should be protected; land should not be taken)
  • Who was in charge of enforcing the Court’s decision and what did he say? (President Andrew Jackson; said the Supreme Court would have to enforce the law themselves; he wouldn’t do it.)
  • How did a small group of Cherokee betray their people? (went to government without the approval of the Cherokee nation and agreed to give their land away)
  • What was the Trail of Tears? (Entire Cherokee Nation forced to travel west to Oklahoma during the winter months.  Had to leave their beloved home land.  Not enough  food or warm clothing.  Many got sick.  Thousands died along the way.)
  • What happened to John Ross’s (the Cherokee chief) wife? (died along the way.)
  • Who was Tsali? (Indian who fled with many Cherokee people to the Mountains of North Carolina.  He was killed.  But many of the people who fled survived there.  Their descendants still live in the Mountains of North Carolina.)
  • In what state(s) do most Cherokee live now? (Oklahoma/Arkansas.)

ACTIVITIES: K – 3: Listen to the Cherokee language being sung!   ; Then, draw your own picture of the Cherokee Nation moving west on the trail of tears.

4 – 5: Listen to the Cherokee language being sung!

Then, Using the information on this site for help, try to write your first and last name in Cherokee.

6 – 8:

  1. Listen to the Cherokee language being sung!
  2. Then, Using the information on this site for help, try to write your first and last name in Cherokee.;
  3. Finally, do Trail of Tears worksheet (click here): trail of tears worksheet

Copyright March 21st, 2014 by Gwen Fredette


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