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Spring Break

Dear Fellow Homeschoolers & Subscribers,

I hope the lesson plans I’ve posted through this U Read Thru History site have been a blessing to you!  I’m going to take a break from posting lesson plans for the next few weeks.   Beginning in early June I will be posting lesson plans again.  They will be covering history during the Dark & Middle Ages.

May God continue to bless your homeschool adventure!


Gwen Fredette




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Free Science Lesson Plans

Dear Fellow Homeschoolers,

I just thought I’d take this opportunity between history lesson plans to mention my science curriculum.  I’ve written 3 curricula for grades K- 3 called The Glory of Kings.

  • The Glory of Kings — 3 Unit Studies: Human Body, Space, & Animal Classifications
  • The Glory of Kings II — 3 Unit Studies: Weather, Electricity, & Oceanography
  • The Glory of Kings III — 3 Unit Studies:  Geology, Simple Machines, & Plants

All are literature-based and are similar in format to the history lessons you find on this site.   Each curriculum is for one full year of study.   If you like the history lessons you’ve used from U Read Thru History, you may enjoy my science curricula as well!   You can find and use 3 samples of the curricula by clicking on this page from the Silver Lining Press website:

These books correspond with the three free lesson plans linked to above:

Click here to receive a Free Lesson on the Brain:


Click here to receive a Free Lesson on Magnetism: 

(when you reach this page, click on the words “gok2sample”)


Click here to receive a Free Lesson on Rocks: 

(when you reach this page, click on the words “gok3sample”)

Here are some highlights of the Glory of Kings Science Curricula:

  • Literature-Based –  Lesson plans revolve around “Living Books” which enable you to bond with your child/ren while you read and learn together.
  • Popular Science Books – The books chosen for this curriculum are readily available through your local library or can be purchased on the internet. (There is a list of books needed for each curriculum at the top of the Silver Lining Press website.)
  • Bible-Connected – Each lesson plan connects the subject studied to a Bible passage pertaining to that same subject.
  • For Multiple Ages – Lessons plans have activities for kids in grades K-3.
  • Uses Simple worksheets that correspond with lesson plans.
  • Has Fun, Hands-on experiments and educational games.
  • Uses Creative Projects to teach scientific concepts.
  • Very reasonably priced: Just $20 for each hard copy; $10 for an e-copy!

Posted by Gwen Fredette on May 3rd, 2014


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