Outline: Dark & Middle Ages

OUTLINE: Summer & Fall 2014 — Dark & Middle Ages

Greetings Fellow Homeschoolers!

Hope you had a rewarding school year!  It’s almost time for Summer to begin.  Once again I will be posting history lesson plans.  This Summer & Fall I will be posting lessons on the Dark & Middle Ages.  The lessons will be similar in format to lessons you’ve already seen and used from this “U Read Thru History” site.  Each week readings will be suggested for different grade levels, discussion questions will be listed, and activities will be suggested per grade level.  I hope and pray these lessons will be a blessing to you and your family!

Following is the outline for the Dark & Middle Ages Unit Study:

Summer & Fall 2014 (World History)

Dark & Middle Ages

  • Week 1: Fall of Rome
  • Week 2: The Vikings
  • Week 3: Viking Gods
  • Week 4: St. Patrick & the Christian Church
  • Week 5: The Feudal System
  • Week 6: Castles
  • Week 7: Knights
  • Week 8: Great Literature: King Arthur
  • Week 9: Architecture & Stained Glass
  • Week 10: Muhammad
  • Week 11: Islamic Advances in Math & Science
  • Week 12: Great Literature: 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Week 13: Saladin, King Richard, & the Crusades
  • Week 14: Great Literature: Robin Hood
  • Week 15: Marco Polo
  • Week 16: The Bubonic Plague
  • Week 17: Test: Dark & Middle Ages

If you have any questions about these History Lesson Plans, please feel free to email me.  My email is gwen.silverliningpress@juno.com.  If you’ve found great resources that might be a help to others using this curriculum, please feel free to write messages on the comments section of each post for others to see.  Thanks!

Copyright June 5th, 2014 by Gwen Fredette


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