Viking Gods

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Week 3: Viking Gods


Read K – 2: The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God by Lise Lunge-Larsen (pgs 1 – 34)

3 – 6: The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God by Lise Lunge-Larsen (entire book)

7 – 8: Odin’s Family: Myths of the Vikings by Neil Philip (entire book; be sure to also read afterward on page 119)



    • T/F The Vikings had many gods. (True)
    • T/F The Viking gods never sinned. (False)
    • Which god was the Viking’s favorite? (Thor)
    • Where does word “Thursday” come from? (Thor’s day)
    • What was Thor’s greatest weapon? (his hammer)
    • What could Thor’s hammer do in the sky? (make lightning & thunder)
    • What pulled Thor’s carriage? (two goats)
    • What were the jotuns? (giants)
    • Who was chief of the gods? (Odin)
    • What trickster caused many problems for Thor and his family? (Loki)
    • Why was Loki unusual? (he was a jotun (a giant) but he was small – the size of Odin & Thor; he was also smart and handsome)
    • T/F Thor had a bad temper. (true)
    • What did Loki do to Thor’s wife? (cut off her beautiful hair)
    • How did he get her new hair? (tricked dwarves into making her new hair of spun gold)
    • What was the best gift the gods ever received? (Thor’s hammer)
    • How did Loki avoid getting his head cut off? (said they couldn’t have his neck)
    • From the stories you’ve read about the Viking Gods, what things do you think were important to them as a people? (hammers for working, watching the sky, being clever, strong, tricky)
      Questions for Grades 3 – 8:
    • Describe the contest each of the Viking gods had with the giants and who they were really competing against.
    • Loki (eating contest, competing with wild fire)
    • Tjalvi (running contest, running against a thought)
    • Thor (drinking contest, drank part of the ocean)
    • Thor (lifting a cat, sea serpent that wraps itself around the earth)
    • Thor (old woman, fighting against old age)
    • How did Thor get his hammer back after it was stolen? (pretended to be Freya to marry the giant – dressed in a dress & bridal veil)
      Questions for Grades 7 & 8:
    • Where does the word “Wednesday” come from? (Woden, or Odin’s day)

Activities: K – 2: Thor coloring page:
3 – 6: Viking Mythology Worksheet.  Click here to get worksheet: Viking Mythology worksheet (doc) OR Viking Mythology worksheet (pdf)
7 – 8: Choose one of the following essay topics:

  1. Write an essay comparing and contrasting Loki to the devil.
  2. The Viking Age ended at about 1066 A.D.  At this time the Vikings became more and more a part of mainland Europe and many converted to Christianity.  Discuss the reasons why a Viking would want to leave his gods and embrace Christianity.
  3. How did Thor represent the ideal Viking man? Write a 5 paragraph, 3 proof essay.

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2 responses to “Viking Gods

  1. I’m a little confused, browsing through you posts. This is great information, but I am wondering how it’s supposed to be Charlotte Mason? There’s no narration, no copywork or dictation, no journaling or notebooking, nothing that really makes it Charlotte Mason beyond using books (which, really, all curricula uses books!). Am I missing something?

    • Dear Quiver Minded Mama,

      I call the blog Charlotte Mason style because it’s a literature based history program. Students will read through the suggested books. (Reading) When the parents go through the discussion questions with their kids, kids will basically be reiterating the key points of their reading material. (Narrating) Finally when older students have finished the “discussion questions” they need to complete writing assignments on what they’ve read. (Writing)

      Hopefully the lessons will be a blessing to some readers. Feel free to use it or not, It’s free. 🙂
      – Gwen

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