Week 7: Knights (450 AD to 1500 AD)


Read K – 3: Knights in Shining Armor by Gail Gibbons

4– 6: Knights & Castles by Will Osborne & Mary Pope Osborne (Chps 6 – 8)

7– 8: In the Time of Knights by Shelley Tanaka


  • What was the first stage in becoming a knight? (boy became a page at age 7)
  • What was a page’s responsibilities? (learn how to fight & hunt, played games of skill; served master)
  • What was the second stage in becoming a knight? (boy became squire around age 14)
  • What was a squire’s responsibilities? (handled weapons, became skilled horseman, served master, went to battle with master)
  • How did a squire become a knight? (years of practice, around age 21, special “dubbing ceremony; given title “Sir” before name)
  • What was a knight’s coat of arms? (symbol on knight’s shield)
  • What was a knight’s most valuable possession? (his horse)
  • What weapons did a knight use? (lance, sword, flail, battle-ax, mace)
  • What armor did a knight wear in the early middle ages? (hauberk: tunic made of chain mail & steel helmet)
  • What armor did a knight wear in the late middle ages? (plate armor, helmet with a visor)
  • What was a tournament? (festival where knights tested each other’s skill by fighting with blunted swords & lances)
  • What was the “Code of Chivalry”? (promise of knight to be generous to the poor, protect their faith & church, defend the helpless, honor their lady)
  • Can people be dubbed knights today? Why? (yes, for performing a great deed that benefits others)

Questions for grades 4 – 8:

  • T/F Most knights came from wealthy families. (True)
  • What was a joust? (game where knights on horseback tried to knock their opponent off his horse with a lance)
  • T/F Knights could be killed in tournaments. (true)

Activities: K – 3: Using the blank shield and coat of arms printables from this site, create your own shield. If you like, you can also create your own helmet using an empty ice cream container by following the directions on this site: (Scroll down page for helmet instructions.)  Tin foil can be used instead of silver spray paint.

4 – 6: Complete the Knights & Castles Crossword and the Knights & Castles Wordsearch listed on this site:

7 – 8: Using the pages on this site for help: and design your own coat of arms. Make sure you use appropriate colors for the meaning you wish to convey, and use four of the symbolic items mentioned. Then, write a brief essay describing why you’ve chosen the color scheme and symbols you have for your coat of arms.

Copyright July 24th, 2014 by Gwen Fredette


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