History Test: Dark & Middle Ages

WEEK 17:  Dark & Middle Ages History Test

NOTE: Following is the Dark & Middle Ages History Test.  7th and 8th graders should be able to do all of this test.  4th through 6th graders should be able to do most of the test.   K – 3rd graders will be able to do a lot of this test orally.   Each question is worth 2 points.  This test is OPTIONAL.   Please feel free to skip it; scale it; eliminate parts of it; use it merely as a review, or do whatever best suits your family!  If you choose to give your children this test, I would recommend reviewing the “Discussion Questions” from the last 16 weeks’ lesson plans the day before you give the test.

Following the test you will find a teachers’ answer key.

History Test: Dark & Middle Ages


Name: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________

Fill in the Blank with the correct answer(s):

1. Who changed the official religion of the Roman Empire to Christianity? ____________________________________
2. Name the two most popular Viking gods: _______________________________________________________
3. Where does the word “Thursday” come from? _____________________________________________________
4. What trickster caused many problems for Thor and his family? __________________________________________
5. What happened to Saint Patrick when he was 16?
6. Why did Patrick decide to travel back to Ireland many years later?
7. The bones of a saint, a piece of Jesus’s cross, or other religious items that were said to have powers to heal and perform miracles were called ….
8. What did peasants do for their Lord? What did Lords do for the peasants?
9. When an enemy army surrounds a castle, the castle is said to be under …. ________________________________
10. The symbol on a knight’s shield and armor was called the … _________________________________________
11. What was a knight’s most valuable possession? _________________________________________________
12. How did Arthur become king?
13. What two great gifts did Arthur receive from Leodegrance?
14. Clear glass was used in the Middle Ages to invent …?

15. How was colored glass used in the Middle Ages? _______________________________________________
16. What musical instruments did many cathedrals contain during the Middle Ages?_________________________
17. What did Muhammad say he saw in the cave just outside of Mecca? __________________________________
18. What is considered to be the holy book of Islam? _______________________________________________

19. What are the 5 pillars of Islam?
1.) ____________________________________________________
2.) ____________________________________________________
3.) ____________________________________________________
4.) ____________________________________________________
5.) ____________________________________________________

20. How many genies are in the original Aladdin story? _____________________________________________
21. What “Golden City” is the city of great significance to 3 major religions? _______________________________
22. What did Pope Urban II promise to all men who fought in the Crusades?
23. What does the word “Crusade” mean? _____________________________________________________
24. What country did Marco Polo travel to? ____________________________________________________
25. Name two creatures that carried and spread the Black Plague all over Europe?
26. How many people died from the Black Plague in Europe? ________________________________________

Multiple Choice:  Circle the correct answer(s):

27. The period of time from 500 AD to 1500 is known as the “Dark” or “Middle Ages”. Why?
A.) Few cultural advancements, time of many invasions
B.) Fewer people were educated at this time
C.) This age is located in the “middle” of the Roman Empire & the Renaissance.
D.) All of the above.

28. Name 3 great societies of the Middle Ages? (Circle all that apply.)
A.)The Ancient Greeks
B.) The Vikings
C.) European Feudal Society
D.) The Arab Empire

29. The Vikings were experts at building what?
A.) Castles
B.) Ships (longboats)
C.) Stained glass
D.) Roads

30. Vikings raided because they wanted (Circle all that apply.)
A.) Land
B.) Money
C.) Books
D.) Slaves

31. What group of Christian men spent much of their time making copies of the Bible?
A.) Priests                                            C.) Popes
B.) Monks                                            D.) Friars

32. What group of Christian men spent much of their time traveling from place to place, preaching the gospel?
A.) Priests
B.) Monks
C.) Popes
D.) Friars

33. Bishops and Archbishops often said mass in magnificent large churches called ….
A.) Temples
B.) Cathedrals
C.) Mosques
D.) Castles

34. When was someone a “Lord”?
A.) If he gave land.
B.) If he received land.
C.) If he had 100 knights.
D.) If he fought in the Crusades.

35. When was someone a “vassal”?
A.) If he gave land.
B.) If he received land.
C.) If he had 100 knights.
D.) If he fought in the Crusades.

36. What important things were located on a Manor? (Circle all that apply.)
A.) Manor house or castle
B.) University
C.) Village for the peasants
D.) Church
E.) Land to farm

37. The great look-out tower in the middle of the castle was called the …
A.) Portcullis
B.) Moat
C.) Keep
D.) Drawbridge

38. How could people defend their castle if it was under attack? (Circle all that apply.)
A.) By dropping boiling oil
B.) By shooting arrows
C.) By shooting cannonballs and explosives
D.) By sending messages to call for help

39. Place the following in chronological order:
A.) Knight, Page, Squire
B.) Squire, Page, Knight
C.) Page, Squire, Knight
D.) Page, Knight, Squire

40. Which of the following was NOT part of the “Code of Chivalry”?
A.) Promise to be generous to the poor
B.) Promise to fight in the Crusades
C.) Promise to defend the helpless
D.) Promise to honor their lady

41. Who was Arthur’s real father?
A.) Uther Pendragon
B.) Merlin Pendragon
C.) Mordred Pendragon
D.) No one knows.

42. What ingredients are needed to make glass? (Circle all that apply.)
A.) Sand
B.) Crystal
C.) Soda ash [which is made by burning plants or hardwood]
D.) Fire & Heat

43. The square structure with a meteorite set into the corner located in Mecca where many Arabs worship is called the ….
A.) Khadijah
B.) Kabah
C.) Quraysh
D.) Jihad

44. A Holy War: Muslims must fight to protect, defend & advance the Muslim community.
This is called …
A.) Khadijah
B.) Kabah
C.) Quraysh
D.) Jihad

45. The numbers we use today (0 – 9) are called Arabic numerals, but where did they originally come from?
A.) The ancient Greeks
B.) The ancient Romans
C.) The Vikings
D.) Hindu mathematicians in India

46. Name two important commanders during the Crusades. (Circle Two)
A.) Shahrazad                           C.) King Richard
B.) Saladin                                 D.) Prince John

47. What famous story began around the time of the Crusades?
A.) Robin Hood
B.) King Arthur
C.) Aladdin
D.) 1001 Arabian Nights

48. What was NOT something Marco Polo said he saw in China?
A.) Giant snakes that walked on squat legs with jaws big enough to swallow a man.
B.) Paper money
C.) Black stones that burned.
D.) Wooly Mammoths

49. During the Middle Ages, what did many people believe was the cause of the Black Plague?
A.) Germs
B.) Punishment of God
C.) Dirty Towns
D.) The Crusades


Write “T” if the answer is true.  Write “F” if the answer is false.

50. T/F Mom loves her kids very much and is very proud of them. ________________________


Extra Credit:

Grades K – 3:
What was the name of the sword King Arthur received from the Lady in the Lake?
What numbers were used for math before Arabic numerals?
What great leader did Marco Polo work for in China?

Grades 4 – 6:
About how long did the Middle Ages last?
What were Viking letters called?
Why did the Crusades begin?

Grades 7 – 8:

What was the name of King Arthur’s son?
Explain how Shayryar came to distrust all women?
Who were the flagellants?


Answer Key:

  • 1.  Constantine
  • 2.  Thor & Oden
  • 3.  Thor’s Day
  • 4.  Loki
  • 5.  Captured by pirates
  • 6.  Patrick received a dream in which the people of Ireland were calling him to walk among them again.  He determined that God wanted him to preach the gospel there.
  • 7.  relics
  • 8.  Peasants farmed the land; Lord provided them with protection
  • 9.  siege
  • 10.  Coat of Arms
  • 11.  his horse
  • 12.  pulled a sword from a stone
  • 13.  His daughter, Guinevere, in marriage & Round Table
  • 14.  glasses, magnifying glasses, mirrors
  • 15.  stained glass windows
  • 16.  bells
  • 17.  the angel Gabriel
  • 18.  the Qur’an (Koran)
  • 19.  No God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet,  Pray facing Mecca five times a day,  Give to the poor, Fast during the month of Ramadan, Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life
  • 20.  two
  • 21.  Jerusalem
  • 22.  All their sins would be forgiven
  • 23.  Cross
  • 24.  China
  • 25.  Rats, Fleas
  • 26.  over 20 million; one out of every 3 people died
  • 27.  D
  • 28.  B, C, & D
  • 29.  B
  • 30.  A, B, & D
  • 31.  B
  • 32.  D
  • 33.  B
  • 34.  A
  • 35.  B
  • 36.  A, C, D, & E
  • 37.  C
  • 38.  A, B, & D
  • 39.  C
  • 40.  B
  • 41.  A
  • 42.  A, C, & D
  • 43.  B
  • 44.  D
  • 45.  D
  • 46.  B & C
  • 47.  A
  • 48.  D
  • 49.  B
  • 50.  T

Extra Credit K – 3:  Excalibur, Roman Numerals, Kublai Khan

Extra Credit 4 – 6:  1000 years, Runes, Muslims blocked Christians from visiting Jerusalem; Christians wanted to gain control of Jerusalem and take it out of Muslim hands.

Extra Credit: 7 – 8:  Mordred. His first wife and his brother’s wife were unfaithful to them.  Monks who whipped themselves.  They hoped by doing so God would end the Black plague.

Copyright October 10th, 2014 by Gwen Fredette


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