5th & 6th Grade Winners, Homeschool Writing Contest 2014

Writing Contest Winners 2014 — 5th and 6th Grades

Congratulations to the following 5th and 6th grade winners of the “PHB” Homeschool Writing Contest!!!

1st Place: Kareem, a traditional homeschooler in Grade 6 from Norristown, PA for the story entitled “The Provider”.  Kareem’s wonderful winning story is reprinted below.

2nd Place: Jacob, a traditional homeschooler in Grade 6 from Newtown, PA, for the story entitled “The Most Amazing Adventure of Larry Hudson”.

3rd Place: Angeline, a traditional homeschooler in Grade 5 from Philadelphia, PA, for the story entitled “A Crumby Quandary”.

The winners have been notified and will be receiving their prizes from the sponsors shortly.

Special thanks to all the students who participated!  You did a fantastic job!  We can tell that you all worked very hard.  I hope to host more writing contests in the future.  Please try again!

Special thanks to the following Sponsors who helped make this contest possible:

Special thanks also to the panel of judges who worked to select the winners:

  • Marlene Bagnull
  • Pam Halter
  • Michelle Lofton
  • Rosario Cintron
  • Julia Melone &
  • Kay Ben-Avraham

As promised, following is a reprint of Kareem’s fantastic winning story:

“The Provider”

Hutzu looked around, but realized with a sudden dread, there was no way out.  He was trapped!  While he was working to build a massive pyramid, there was an earthquake.  The pyramid walls collapsed and Hutzu was separated from his group!  He could not see anything, not even his hands in front of his face.  The distinct smell of mummified bodies filled the air.  Just the thought of mummies made his skin crawl.

Hutzu lived in the plentiful country of Egypt in 1527 BC.  He was an Israelite slave, but a prudent and determined worker.  The Egyptians had the best of everything; top-notch clothes, food, and crops, yet Hutzu and his family’s belonging were shoddy and old, but they never complained.  They believed that the world they lived in as slaves and pyramid builders would eventually pass away, and they lived with an eternal hope.  Their hope did not come from money or jewelry, but rested in the one true God, the Alpha and Omega.

While trapped in the pyramid fear took over Hutzu’s heart, but in that moment he remembered to call out to God.  “Lord, show me your light.  I trust you alone to provide a path out of this darkness,” he silently prayed.  Hutzu waited patiently for the Lord’s answer.  Suddenly, a light appeared that filled the entire pyramid.  All of the stars in the universe combined could not match this pure brightness.  Then a voice louder than thunder, but still, calm, and smooth roared,  “Hutzu, because of your unbreakable faith that I will provide, I will lead you out of this darkness!”

Hutzu was amazed.  He followed the light as it guided him through the dangerous pyramid that was filled with deadly traps.  During this journey Hutzu saw multiple paths and became curious.  “Where do these paths lead?” he asked God.  “They all lead to destruction, but the path to which I lead you will lead to life!” answered God. Hutzu was extremely thankful that the Lord was there to guide him.  Although there were countless paths, it seemed as if the light kept moving forward.  Hutzu saw snakes, spiders, and rats, but he did not worry because he was with the Creator of these creatures.  The dread he had once felt scrambled away like birds that were startled by a gun shot.

Hutzu had been in the pyramid for over twelve hours, but he did not notice.  The presence of God was so satisfying.  The wonderful presence of God filled Hutzu’s heart with wisdom, love, patience, and kindness.  It was an incredible feeling, and he did not want it to go away.  Yet he had to continue along the path.  Further along the road was a tiny light ahead.  The loud voice of God boomed, “Follow that light my son, that is your exit!” Hutzu obeyed and exited the pyramid safely.  “All praise is to God the King of my soul; he has been my faithful provider all this time!” he yelled.  Hutzu dashed to his village; he told the people of Israel of his epic adventure with God.  All that heard the story were left in disbelief, except Hutzu’s friends, Miriam and Aaron.  They were righteous people who believed in the miracles of God.  After hearing the wonderful news Hutzu had shared, they explained to Hutzu and his family another miracle that was going to happen.  Their brother Moses, who was born an Israelite slave but raised as an Egyptian prince, returned to Egypt to lead his people, the Israelites to freedom.  God would cast ten terrible plagues upon Egypt because of Pharaoh’s stubbornness not to let the Israelites free.  After the tenth plague (when the first-born of every Egyptian household died) Pharaoh wold agree to let the Israelites free.  All of these events came to pass and all the Israelites were set free.  Hutzu and his family lived happily ever after, trusting God to be their ultimate provider.

Posted by Gwen Fredette on December 20th, 2014


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