Harriet Tubman

Week 3: Harriet Tubman


View K – 3: Harriet Tubman (Nest Animated Hero Classics) OR Read: A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman by David Adler

4 – 8: Go Free or Die by Jeri Ferris


  • What was the Underground Railroad? (series of houses where people let runaway slaves hide as they traveled north to freedom)
  • Why did Harriet run away? (tired of being beat, wanted freedom)
  • Why did Harriet want to make it to Pennsylvania? (free state)
  • What great man from the Old Testament was Harriet compared to? (Moses) Why? (led her people to freedom)
  • How many people did Harriet free from slavery? (over 300)

Questions for Grades 4 – 8:

  • What was Harriet’s home like as a child? (cabin with a dirt floor)
  • How did Harriet get hurt as a young girl? (hit by lead weight; Overseer tried to hit runaway slave but hit Harriet instead.)
  • T/F Harriet had a strong faith in God. (T)
  • T/F Harriet’s husband wanted her to try to escape. (F)
  • How did Harriet find her way north? (North star, moss grows on north side of the tree)
  • What were Abolitionists? (people who tried to abolish slavery)
  • What was the Fugitive Slave Act? (against the law to help a runaway slave; all runaway slaves must be returned to their owners)
  • How did the dogs chasing Harriet lose her scent? (she traveled through water)
  • Why did Harriet sometimes suddenly fall asleep? (wound on her head)
  • Most of the “conductors” on the underground railroad were of what faith? (Quakers)
  • Why did Harriet start taking runaway slaves all the way to Canada? (Fugitive Slave Act)
  • T/F Harriet helped most of her family escape. (T)
  • How did Harriet help during the Civil War? (helped southern slaves, worked as a nurse, worked as a scout, worked as a spy, worked as a cook)

Activities: K – 3:  Create your own Harriet Tubman shadow box similar to this one: http://www.crayola.com/lesson-plans/harriet-tubman-triarama-lesson-plan/ OR this one: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/64809682111719979/ OR Do this coloring page of Harriet Tubman: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/70791025366761144/
4 – 5: Harriet Tubman crossword puzzle: http://gardenofpraise.com/pdf/ibdpuz12.pdf AND Matching worksheet: http://gardenofpraise.com/pdf/matchtub.pdf Matching solution: http://gardenofpraise.com/images6/matchtub.gif
6 – 8: Write a 5 paragraph 3 proof essay on one of the following:

  • What made Harriet Tubman such a heroic person?
  • How was Harriet Tubman like Moses?

Copyright January 22, 2015 by Gwen Fredette

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