Frederick Douglass

Week 6: Frederick Douglass


Read K – 3:

  1. A Picture Book of Frederick Douglass by David Adler OR
  2. Frederick Douglass: Writer, Speaker, Opponent of Slavery by Suzanne Slade 

4 – 6: Frederick Douglass: by Catherine Welch 

7 – 8:

  1. Frederick Douglass: Abolitionist and Author by Norma Jean Lutz  OR
  2. Voice of Freedom by Maryann N. Weidt  


  • T/F Frederick Douglass was born a slave. (T)
  • Who did Frederick live with as a very young boy? Why? (Grandmother cared for him; mother had to work all day long as slave.)
  • How old was Frederick when he started working as a slave? (about 7)
  • Who taught Frederick how to read? (new master’s wife in Baltimore)
  • Why did she stop teaching him? (ordered to stop by her husband; it was against the law.)
  • How did Frederick keep learning? (boys in neighborhood)
  • How did Frederick escape from slavery? (help from African American friends, especially Anna Murray who became his wife)
  • Why did Frederick change his last name to Douglass? (to make it difficult for slave catchers to find him)
  • How did Frederick become famous? (gave speeches about the evil of slavery; wrote autobiography of his life)
  • What was the “North Star”? (Antislavery newspaper Frederick started)
  • What famous president did Frederick become friends with? (Abraham Lincoln)
  • What important position did Frederick have in Washington D.C.? (U.S. Marshall)
    Questions for Grades 4 – 8:
  • T/F As a slave, Frederick was treated well by most of his masters. (False. He was whipped, slept on dirt floors, almost starved, not enough clothes, etc.)
  • Why did Frederick leave the country for Great Britain? (autobiography gave his real name and the names of his masters; he could be returned to his master as a result)
  • How did Frederick buy his freedom? (friends from Great Britain raised money to buy his freedom)
  • Were black soldiers treated the same as white soldiers during the Civil War? (no, weren’t paid as much; had to dig ditches)
  • Why was Frederick’s marriage to Helen Pitts a shock to most people? (She was white.)
    Question for Grades 7 – 8:
  • Describe Frederick’s experience with “Edward Covey”? (He was man known to be able to break any slave; Frederick was beat by him regularly. Finally, he stood up to him and Covey never laid a hand on him again.)

Activities: K – 2: Frederick Douglass coloring page:
3 – 4: Frederick Douglass crossword puzzle:
Frederick Douglass matching worksheet:
5 – 6: Frederick Douglass matching worksheet:
Frederick Douglass short answer worksheet:
7 – 8: Write an essay on one of the following topics:

  • What do you think Frederick Douglass would say was the most important experience of his life? Learning to read? Standing up to Edward Covey? Making it to Pennsylvania? Working as an abolitionist? Something else? Why?
  • Choose 3 of your favorite quotes by Frederick Douglass from this site:
    and explain why you like them.
  • Do you believe Frederick Douglass had more advantages than most slaves did to become all that he was? Explain your answer.

Copyright February 11, 2015 by Gwen Fredette

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