Daily Life, Civil War

Week 11: Daily Life, Civil War


Read K – 3: If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War by Kay More (Read only pgs 20 – 37 & 50 – 58)

4 – 5: If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War by Kay More (whole book)

6 – 8: Growing Up in the Civil War by Duane Damon


  • Where were most Civil War battles fought, in the North or the South? (South)
  • T/F Most Blacks in the army were soldiers. (False – given other jobs to do within army)
  • T/F All boys who fought in the war were 18 or older. (False)
  • Who did work in the North when men joined the Union to fight as soldiers? (Women & children)
  • Who did work on plantations in the South when men joined the Confederacy to fight? (at first slaves, but then many left with Union army when it moved through the South; after the slaves left, women and children were left to do the work)
  • What happened to food prices during the war? (prices went higher; people had to eat less or work more hours to buy what they needed.)
  • Who was president of the Confederacy? (Jefferson Davis)

Question for Grades 6 – 8: What tragedy occurred in both the Lincoln family and the Davis family? (both experienced one of their sons dying)

Activities: K – 3: Coloring page Union Flag: http://www.yescoloring.com/images/54_United_States_Country_flag_1861_at_coloring-pages-book-for-kids-boys.gif
Coloring page Confederate Flag: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/coloring-pages/usa-flags/official-confederate-flag.html
4 – 8: Using these sites for help:

  1. http://militaryhistory.about.com/od/army/ig/Selected-Union-Generals/
  2. http://militaryhistory.about.com/od/army/ig/Selected-Confederate-Generals/ and
  3. http://www.nps.gov/apco/february-1861.htm

Do the following: (You will need a poster board for this assignment.)

1. First, print out pictures of the following presidents and major generals:

  • Lincoln (President, Union)
  • McClellan
  • Grant
  • Meade
  • Burnside
  • Sherman


  • Jefferson Davis( President, Confederacy)
  • Lee
  • Jackson
  • Bragg
  • Stuart

2.  Next, take a large poster board and divide it into 2 columns and 3 rows. At the top of the left half write “Union”. Next to this title put the picture of Abraham Lincoln and label it. At the top of the right half write “Confederacy”. Next to this title put the picture of Jefferson Davis and label it.

3.  Next, on the “Union” half of the board, on the second row place the pictures of McClellan & Grant, two important commanders of the Union army. On the third row on the left side place the photos of the other Union generals. Under each picture write the general’s name and the “Principal Battles” they presided over. (This information can be found on the same site where the photos are located.  Click on the general’s name below each picture to find out what battles they participated in.)

4.  Finally, do the same assignment on the “Confederacy” half of the board with the Confederate generals, placing general Robert E. Lee on the second row, above the other Confederate leaders.

Copyright March 20th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette

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