Week 12: Gettysburg


Read K – 3: Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln by Jean Fritz

4 – 5: Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel by C.M. Butzer

6 – 8: A Three-Minute Speech by Jennifer Armstrong


  • Who won most of the battles in the beginning of the Civil War, the North or the South? (South)
  • In what state did the battle of Gettysburg occur? (Pennsylvania)
  • About how many Southern soldiers were killed in the battle of Gettysburg? (20,000)
  • About how many Northern soldiers were killed? (23,000)
  • Who won the battle of Gettysburg? (the North)
  • Why did people decide to create a special cemetery in Gettysburg? (so many died there; to honor fallen soldiers)
  • Who was to be the special guest speaker that day? (Edward Everett)
  • Who was invited as an afterthought? (President Lincoln)
  • About how many people went to Gettysburg the day the cemetery was dedicated? (15,000 to 20,000 people)
  • How long did Mr. Everett speak? (2 hours)
  • How long did Abraham Lincoln speak (a few minutes)
  • Did Lincoln believe people liked his speech? (no)
  • What did Mr. Everett say about Lincoln’s speech? (The president had said more in 2 minutes than he said in 2 hours.)
  • How do you think people feel about his speech today? (considered to be one of the best speeches of all time)

Questions for Grades 4 – 8:

  • Who was the general in charge of the Southern army at the battle of Gettysburg? (Robert E. Lee)
  • Describe Lee’s reputation? (considered to be one of the greatest military commanders of his generation)
  • Who was the general in charge of the Northern army at the battle of Gettysburg? (George Meade)
  • Why did the Southern army have the disadvantage in this battle? (The Northern army had the high ground; it was easy to shoot the Southern army as they stormed cemetery ridge.)
  • Why was creating the cemetery so difficult? (so many thousands died; had to be buried quickly)

Questions for grades 7 – 8:

  • What supplies did the Confederate army desperately need and hope to find in Gettysburg? (shoes)
  • Did people live in Gettysburg before the battle? (yes)
  • Where did they go? (Some hid in their basements; Some ran to find safety elsewhere)
  • Did the battle of Gettysburg end the war? (no)
  • Why didn’t Meade pursue the Confederate army? (army was exhausted; so many dead and wounded to care for)
  • Why were the bodies decaying so quickly? (broiling July heat)
  • What did the townspeople do with the dead horses and mules? (burned them)
  • What made Lincoln’s speech so special? (He didn’t dedicate a cemetery; he dedicated the whole war to the pursuit of freedom and democracy.)


Activities K – 3: Coloring page Battle of Gettysburg:

4 – 5:  Complete the worksheet, “Understanding the Gettysburg Address” on page 4 of this pdf file:

6 – 8:  Complete the reading and worksheet on the Gettysburg Address by clicking on this link:  Also, complete the worksheet, “Understanding the Gettysburg Address” on page 4 of this pdf file:


Copyright March 25th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette



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