Leonardo Da Vinci

Week 5: Leonardo Da Vinci


Read K – 4: Neo Leo by Gene Barretta & View these images of Leonardo’s most famous works:

5 – 6:  Leonardo: Beautiful Dreamer by Robert Byrd 

7 – 8:  Leonardo Da Vinci by John Phillips


  •  T/F Leonardo was an inventor.  (T)
  • What unusual way did Leo write his notes? (backwards)
  • Why? (No one knows.  Maybe to keep notes secret; maybe because he was left-handed.)
  • Name some of Leo’s inventions? (weapons, bicycle, flying machines, mechanical lion [robot])
  • What inspired many of his inventions? (nature)
  • Name his 2 most famous paintings? (Mona Lisa & Last Supper)
  • What was his most famous sculpture? (Giant horse)

Questions for Grades 5 – up:

  • Where was Leonardo born? (Italy)
  • Which family member was Leo especially close to? (Young Uncle Francesco)
  • What was an apprentice? (person who lived and studied with a master of a trade)
  • What did Leo learn from his master, Verrochio? (painting, sculpture, created furniture, costumes, musical instruments, tools, studied anatomy)
  • What bad habit did Leo often have when it came to his work? (didn’t finish)
  • Why was Leo’s horse special? (24 feet high; it was first made of clay and then was supposed to be cast in bronze.)
  • What happened to the horse? (Bronze was needed for weapons of war; invading soldiers shot arrows in the clay horse and destroyed it.)
  • How did Leo contribute to Renaissance architecture? (designed sturdy buildings)
  • Why did Leo dissect corpses? (to understand how the body worked and draw its parts)
  • What happened to many of Leo’s notes? (lost or destroyed)

Questions for grades 7 and 8:

  • Why was Leo’s family life awkward as a child? (His parents weren’t married.)
  • Who did he live with as a young boy? (grandparents)
  • Why couldn’t Leo inherit his father’s wealth? (illegitimate son)
  • Did Leo teach others his skills? (yes, ran a workshop in Florence; had several apprentices)
  • Did Leo and Michelangelo ever work together? (yes)
  • Did they get along? (no)
  • About how many pages of notes did Leo make? (7000)
  • T/F Leo also had wonderful musical abilities. (T)

Activities: K – 2:

3 – 5: Write three paragraphs describing three of Leonardo’s great achievements.

6  – 8: Write a 5 paragraph three proof essay on one of the following topics:

    • Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius.
    • Leonardo Da Vinci had a sad life.
    • Describe three things that Leo never had the chance to complete. Tell how these things might have benefitted society if they had been finished.
    • Describe 3 of your favorite pieces designed or created by Leo and tell why you like them.

Copyright October 2nd, 2015 by Gwen Fredette

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