Christopher Columbus

Week 7: Christopher Columbus


View K – 3: Animated Hero Classics: Christopher Columbus  by  NEST Entertainment OR  Read: Christopher Columbus by Stephen Krensky

Read 4 – 6:  Christopher Columbus: The Discovery of the New World  by Carole Gallagher

7 – 8:  Christopher Columbus by Peter & Connie Roop


  • Where was Columbus from? (Italy)
  • When Columbus first presented his plan to look for a new trade route to the Indies, it was rejected.  Why?  (People believed it couldn’t be done; people thought his calculations were wrong, expensive trip, etc.)
  • Which country did Columbus sail for? (Spain)
  • What were the names of the ships that went with him? (Nina, Pinta, & Santa Maria)
  • Besides sailors, who went with Columbus on his voyage? (Arabic translator, secretary)
  • After they had been at sea for many days, the sailors grew frightened.  Why? (Superstitious, Sea Monsters, etc.)
  • How long did it take them to reach land? (33 days; over a month)
  • Why was Columbus surprised by the natives?  (very poor, no gold)
  • Why do you think Columbus forced some Natives to go back with him? (to prove where he had been)
  • How many ships made it back to Spain? (2)

Questions for Grades 4 & up:

  • Describe Columbus’s 2nd voyage to America? (Found Spaniards left behind had been murdered by Indians (for stealing gold, women, etc.  Indians were now unfriendly to them.  Mosquitoes were causing Malaria, sailors out of control, terrorizing Indians, etc.)
  • Was Columbus a good leader and truthful person? (no. lied to the King & Queen about the wealth he had found)
  • Did Columbus ever realize he hadn’t found the Indies? (no)

Activities: All ages: Make a map of Columbus’s voyages using theses blank maps:

K – 2: Christopher Columbus coloring page:

3 – 5: Christopher Columbus crossword puzzle 

6 – 8: Write an essay:  If you were a sailor on one of Columbus’s ships, would Columbus be the kind of man you would respect?  Why or why not?


Copyright October 16th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette


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