John Calvin

Week 10: John Calvin


Read K – 3: Take the week off! (This subject is a bit advanced for children this age.)

4 – 8:  John Calvin by Simonetta Carr (Christian Biographies for Young Readers)



  • What does the word “Reformation” mean? (To change for the better)
  • Why did Reformers like John Calvin often have to flee from one town to another? (Catholic church did not like their teachings.)
  • What famous book did John Calvin write? (Institutes of the Christian Religion)
  • How did Calvin prefer to use his time? (Study in peace & quiet)
  • How did Farel urge Calvin into staying in Geneva? (Told him that God would curse his peace if he left in such a time of great need.)
  • Did Calvin listen to him? (yes)
  • How did Calvin work in Geneva? (Pastor & preacher)
  • Why was Calvin asked to leave Geneva? (Disagreements with city council over rules in church)
  • Who did Calvin marry? (Idelette, a widow)
  • What began killing a lot of Calvin’s friends and church members? (the plague)
  • What city was he called back to? (Geneva)
  • What new college did Calvin begin? (Protestant college: Geneva Academy)
  • T/F Calvin often had poor health. (T)
  • How did Calvin feel about relics? ( spoke against them)


4 – 6:  Write a short essay comparing and contrasting Martin Luther and John Calvin.

7 – 8:   Read this worksheet and answer the questions on a separate piece of paper:


Copyright November 5th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette



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