William Shakespeare

Week 13: William Shakespeare


Read K – 2: William Shakespeare and the Globe by Aliki

3 – 4: Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare by Diane Stanley (read also the “Postscript” at the end of the book)

5 – 8:  The Play’s the Thing by Ruth Turk


  • Why is William Shakespeare so famous? (for writing plays)
  • Why were plays so popular in the 1500’s? (form of entertainment)
  • What famous woman supported William Shakespeare and his theatre? (Queen Elizabeth)
  • What 3 kinds of plays did Shakespeare write? (tragedies, comedies, & histories)
  • What was the name of Shakespeare’s theatre? (the Globe)

Questions for Grades 3 & up: 

  • T/F Theatres had fantastic props at that time. (F)
  • T/F Actors wore elegant costumes.  (T)
  • How did actors make death scenes look realistic? (pouch of pig’s or sheep’s blood worn under the shirt; it would burst open when someone was stabbed)
  • Were there women actors at that time? (no)
  • Name at least 3 of Shakespeare’s most famous plays? (Romeo & Juliet,  Hamlet, MacBeth, The Tempest, Richard III, etc.)
  • Did Shakespeare write his plays to be printed in books? (no, for actors to act)
  • Name some of the new words and phrases Shakespeare invented (majestic, countless, leapfrog, dead as a doornail, flesh and blood, etc.)

Questions for Grades 5 – 8:

  • T/F Shakespeare got to see plays as a child.  (T)
  • T/F Students read and recited from plays by Greek & Roman writers at school. (T)
  • How did Theatres let townspeople know when a play would be performed? (flew flag from the roof)
  • T/F Before Shakespeare began writing plays, he was an actor. (T)
  • How did the Plague affect Shakespeare’s theatre? (Had to be closed for a while; all public meetings & entertainment were banned)
  • What was the name of Shakespeare’s son? (Hamnet)
  • Describe the plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and why Shakespeare and his actors were accused? (Shakespeare’s theatre was paid to do a special performance of Richard II, a play in which an unfit king was forced to surrender his throne;  Essex, the man aspiring for Queen Elizabeth’s throne, hoped that when the people saw the play they would want to overthrow Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen questioned the acting company and decided that the actors were innocent.)
  • How were Shakespeare’s plays published? (friends gathered them and had them published after his death)


Copyright December 4th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette

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