Great Literature: 12th Night & Romeo & Juliet

Week 14: Great Literature: 12th Night & Romeo & Juliet


Read K – 5: 12th Night by Bruce Coville

6 – 8: 12th Night AND Romeo & Juliet both by Bruce Coville


  • Shakespeare was famous for his comedies (funny stories), tragedies (sad stories) and histories. Was 12th Night a comedy, tragedy, or history? (comedy)
  • Every story starts with a problem. What were the problems in this story? (Twins were separated; love was not returned, girl had to dress up as a boy to find work)
  • What was the happy ending at the end of this story? (Each twin found a true love.)
  • “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” is a famous quote. What do you think it means? (answers will vary)
  • Which character was the comedian, or funny character is this story? (Malvolio)
  • What makes this such a popular story? (true love, comedy, mistaken identities)
  • Did you like the play? Why or why not?

Questions for grades 6 – 8:

  • Is Romeo and Juliet a comedy, tragedy, or history? (tragedy)
  • What problem did Romeo & Juliet face in this story? (couldn’t marry because they were from two warring families)
  • How did the Friar help Romeo & Juliet? (marries them)
  • Describe how Mercutio & Tybalt died? (They were fighting each other; Romeo jumped between them, but Tybalt’s blade went under Romeo’s arm and stabbed Mercutio. Then Romeo, wild with rage, killed Tybalt.)
  • Who did Juliet’s father want her to marry? (Count Paris)
  • Why did the Friar give Juliet a potion? (It would make her appear dead so she could avoid marrying Count Paris.)
  • Why didn’t the Friar’s plan work? (Romeo thought she was really dead and drank the poison to kill himself.)
  • How did Juliet die? (She saw Romeo dead and stabbed herself.)
  • How did their deaths accomplish good? (Two families united by grief pledged to end the feud.)
  • What makes this such a popular story? (Love, swordplay, war, lesson at the end.)

K – 2: Choose a picture of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to color:
Then, complete this Romeo and Juliet worksheet:
3 – 6:  The theatre was one of the most popular forms of entertainment during Shakespeare’s time. What are the most popular forms of entertainment today? Compare and contrast them with Shakespeare’s theatre productions.
7 – 8: Choose an Essay:
• Compare and contrast modern entertainment with the theatre of Shakespeare’s day.
• Romeo and Juliet were both teenagers when they fell in love. How do they compare with teenagers today? How are they different? Explain your answer.


Copyright December 11th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette


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