Civil War Reconstruction & Ku Klux Klan

Week 1: Civil War Reconstruction & Ku Klux Klan


Read K – 2: This topic is a bit complicated and heavy for this age group.  I recommend skipping this lesson and moving on to “Week 2”.

3 – 5:            

6 – 8: Reconstruction by Brendan January (Cornerstones of Freedom) & Watch “Origins of Ku Klux Klan” on youtube:

(This video is a bit intense; you may want to preview it before showing it to your students.)


  •  What was the “Reconstruction”? (Rebuilding of the South after the Civil War)
  • Why did the South have to be rebuilt? (much of southern states destroyed during the war)
  • What did the Southern states have to do to rejoin the Union? (take an oath to support the Union; 10% of the voters in a state had to take this oath; the state had to agree to make slavery illegal.)
  • What were “Black Codes?” (laws passed in the South that prevented blacks from voting, going to school, owning land, and getting jobs)
  • What 3 Amendments were added to  the Constitution?  (13th – Outlawed slavery; 14th – Black people were citizens and were protected equally by law, 15th – Gave all people the right to vote regardless of race)
  • How did the Union help the South?  (Built roads, helped with farms, built schools)
  • Why was Andrew Johnson called the “Veto President”? (He vetoed many laws passed by Congress to help black citizens.)
  • Where was Johnson from? (The South)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8:

  • What was the Freedman’s Bureau? (Group formed by Congress to help newly freed slaves adjust to new freedom.  Gave out food, clothes, and medicine, & set up hospitals and schools.)
  • Did Johnson want equal rights for blacks? (No)
  • Under Johnson could black people vote? (No)
  • What often happened to freed blacks from the South who tried to vote? (Attacked and killed)
  • What was a sharecropper? (A person who rented a piece of land and surrendered part of his crop as payment – almost treated like slaves)
  • What was the Ku Klux Klan? (group who dressed in white robes and declared white supremacy; they traveled at night attacking and killing blacks and black supporters)
  • T/F Southern states gradually fell back under white control? (T)
  • What happened to blacks after Union soldiers left the South? (endured racism, left unprotected, had their civil rights stripped from them.)


K – 2: None

3 – 4: Worksheet on 13th, 14th, & 15 amendments: 13th – 15th amendments Use the information on this site for help:

5 – 6: Do Black Codes Handout.doc  on this site:  under “Week 9”  handouts

7 – 8: Reconstruction worksheet: [PDF] click HERE


Copyright February 17th, 2015 by Gwen Fredette



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