Immigration (1800’s)

Week 8: Immigration, 1800’s


Read K – 2: The Long Way to A New Land by Joan Sandin

3– 5: The Long Way to A New Land by Joan Sandin & The Long Way Westward by Joan Sandin

6 – 8:  What was Ellis Island?  By Patricia Brennon Demuth


  • Why did many immigrants want to move to America? (not enough food; some were persecuted for race or religion)
  • What may have been some of the things immigrants brought with them to America? (quilts, food, pots dishes, tools, rifles, Bible)
  • T/F Rich and poor passenger’s rooms on the boat to America were the same. (F)
  • Why did it smell bad on the boats? (Many people were seasick; hundreds of people were packed close together)
  • Why did doctors check the immigrants? (to make sure they didn’t bring any contagious diseases)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8:

  • What are immigrants? (People who leave their homeland behind and come to a new country.)
  • A huge wave of immigrants came to America during what time period? (Mid to late 1800’s)
  • Why were immigrants tested? (free of disease; to see if they could support themselves)
  • Why were there so many Irish immigrants during the mid 1800’s? (Potato famine)
  • Why did many Jewish families come to America? (terrorized in Russia)
  • Where did immigrants live in the U.S.? (some moved to western plains, some worked on railroad lines, most headed for big cities)
  • Did children of immigrants have to work? (yes)
  • Why was school such a blessing for many immigrants? (school was only for the rich in their home countries)
  • What was the name of the Island thousands of immigrants passed through to come to America? (Ellis Island)
  • What is Ellis Island today? (a museum)


K – 1: Find and color in the United States and Sweden on this map:  Then draw a line to show how a ship would sail to get from one country to another.  On the back of this map, draw a picture of immigrants coming to America.

2 – 4:  Do the following:

  1. Find and color in the United States and Sweden on this map:  
  2. Then, complete the following worksheets:
  3. AND this one:

5 – 6:   Complete the attached immigration worksheet: immigration worksheet

7 – 8:   Complete the attached immigration worksheet: immigration worksheet  Then pretend you are an immigrant from Ireland, China, or Sweden.  Write a letter to a cousin back in your homeland telling them about the challenges you and your family have faced by coming to America, but why you are glad you have come.  (Hint:  Think about travelling, food, language, work, school, etc.)

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