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I’m thrilled to announce I’m hosting my third, annual, nation-wide Homeschool Art Contest!   Click HERE for contest details.

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Week 9: Cowboys


Read K – 3: Cowboys and Cowgirls: Yippee – Yah!  by Gail Gibbons

4 – 5: Wild West Days by David King (Read all “story” portions of the book)

6 – 8:  Zayda was a Cowboy (Chp 2 – end) by June Levitt Nislick (Point out glossary in back of book to help students with Yiddish words)


  • What was a cowboy’s job? (to round up longhorn cattle and bring them many hundred miles to cities where they would be sold)
  • Name some important clothes cowboys wore? Why were each important? (Stetson or 10 gallon hat – protected them from the sun and rain, bandana – pulled over mouth to keep out dust, gloves – protected cowboys hands from ropes, spurs- encouraged horse to move)
  • What animal did a cowboy always need to help him round up cattle? (a horse)
  • Why would a cowboy need to lasso a longhorn cattle? (if it strayed from the group or if it needed to be branded)
  • What was branding? (when stamp or symbol was burned onto cattle to prove ownership)
  • What food was common for cowboys to eat? (beans, coffee, bread)
  • What was the most dangerous thing that could happen while rounding up cattle? (stampede)
  • What was a stampede? (all cows are spooked into a panic and start charging at once)
  • Once the cattle were brought where they needed to go, what was the first thing a cowboy usually did? (took a bath; they wore the same clothes for months)
  • Cattle were eventually boarded onto what vehicle? (a train)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8: 

  • What was a “greenie”? (just off the boat, a person who doesn’t know America’s ways yet)
  • Why was eating the cowboy food a problem for Zayda? (cooked in pig fat; Jews cannot eat pig meat)
  • What made longhorns “tougher” than other cows? (could go days without water, fewer diseases, handled Texas heat well)
  • Why did cowboys try to fatten the cattle on the ranch? ( would lose weight during the cattle drive)
  • What was one of Zayda’s favorite food treats to eat? (ice-cream soda)



K – 3: Make a cattle brand using a potato, paint, and directions from this site:

4 – 5: Choose any activity to do from Wild West Days by David King.

6 – 8: Write an essay on the one of the following:

  • Zayda often felt alone and was not close to most of the other cowboys. Why do you believe this was the case?
  • Why did Zayda feel he had to leave Russia? Do you think he made the right decision?
  • Of Zayda’s many experiences in coming to and living in America, what do you think would be the hardest? Why?

Copyright April 15th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette


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