Indians of the Plains & West

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Week 10: Indians of the Plains & of the West


Read K – 4: Read the information on this site:

5 – 8:  Do the following:


  • What animal did the Indians of the plains hunt? (buffalo)
  • What were reservations? (Confined areas for Indians)
  • T/F Most Indians were happy to move to reservations.  (F)
  • T/F The Government sent supplies of food and other things to reservations.  (T)
  • T/F Geronimo was a Native American who led a resistance to the reservation system.  (T)
  • What famous American general was killed against his battle with Sitting Bull (& Crazy Horse) at the battle of Little Bighorn? (General Custer)
  • T/F The Nez Perce Indians had a reputation for being a war-like tribe.  (F)
  • What was the name of the Chief of the Nez Perce Indians during the mid-late 1800’s? (Chief Joseph)
  • T/F When Americans fought against Indian tribes, they never killed women and children.  (F)
  • T/F  Many Indians were massacred at the battle of Wounded Knee.  (T)

Questions for Grades 5 – 8:

  • What was the “sacred possession” of each of the Plains’ Indians? (their horse)
  • What caused the flood of immigrants across the plains? (Homestead Act)
  • Name 2 Indian chiefs that strove for peace and didn’t fight? (Black Kettle & White Antelope)
  • Why did they give up their land? (to protect tribes of women, children, & elderly)
  • What happened to Black Kettle and White Antelope’s tribes? (most massacred by American troops while under the protection of the American government;  of the survivors most were annihilated 4 years later by General Custard.
  • Were Indians well fed on reservations? (no)
  • The American army killed what creature in mass during the 1800’s? (the Buffalo)
  • How did this affect the Indians of the plains? (angry, hungry, losing way of life)
  • What Indian chief successfully won the battle of the little Bighorn? (Crazy Horse)
  • During the Battle of Little Bighorn, what Indian chief stayed at camp to protect the women and children? (Sitting Bull)
  • After the attack Sitting Bull moved his tribe where? (to Canada)
  • Where did Crazy Horse take his tribe? (to the Black Hills)
  • Why did Crazy Horse later surrender? (to save his starving people)
  • How did Chief Joseph, leader of the Nez Perce, try to lead his people to safety? (tried to meet up with Sitting Bull in Canada)
  • Was he able to reach him? (No, American army attacked them when they were just one day away from Sitting Bull’s encampment.)
  • T/F Geronimo’s tribe was sent to a reservation. (F- sent to a prison in Florida)
  • What were reservations like? (Barren land, like concentration camps, lived in complete poverty)
  • Why were Indian children sent and often forced to go to boarding schools? (to assimilate them into white culture)
  • What affect did this have on Indian culture? (Children began to despise their own Indian tribes, families were separated unwillingly from their own children, Indian children were no longer allowed to speak in their native languages, wear native clothes, or eat their traditional food.  Boys bore the shame of having their long hair or braids cut.  When children returned home to tribes after being in school, they could not function well with their people.)


K – 2: Indians of the plains often lived in tepees.  Create your own teepee using these instructions and this template:

3 – 4: Do the following:

5 – 6: Do the following:

7 – 8: Do the following:

Copyright April 20th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette




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