Thomas Edison

Week 12: Thomas Edison


Read K – 3:  A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison by David Adler

4 – 6:  Thomas Edison (History Maker Bios) by Shannon Zemlicka

7 – 8:  Who Was Thomas Alva Edison?  by Margaret Firth  AND Read these famous quotes by Thomas Edison:


  • What disability did Thomas Edison have? (hard of hearing)
  • Why did his mom homeschool him? (frustrated with his teacher who felt Thomas was not smart enough to learn his lessons)
  • As a child what did he set up in the cellar? (laboratory)
  • When he was 12 he worked on a train.  What did he sell? (food & newspapers)
  • What did he set up in the baggage car? (a laboratory)
  • How did Thomas get free lessons in telegraphy? (saved the son of a telegraph operator from getting hit by a train)
  • Name some of the jobs Edison had? (printed & sold newspapers, sold candy, telegraphy operator, inventor)
  • What was the name of Thomas’s first wife? (Mary)
  • Did they spend much time together after their marriage? (no)
  • Why?  (loved his work too much)
  • What was Thomas’s nickname? (wizard of Menlo Park)
  • Name some of Thomas’s popular inventions? (improved transmitter on telephone, improved telegraph, invented phonograph, invented light bulb, movie camera, storage battery, cement mixer)
  • What was his most famous invention? (light bulb)
  • How did his first wife die? (sick, typhoid fever)
  • What was the name of his second wife? (Mina)

Questions for Grades 4 & up:

  • Besides working in his lab, what was another favorite hobby he had as a boy? (reading)
  • T/F Edison worked for long hours on his inventions. (T)
  • When Edison died, what did Americans do to honor his memory? (turned off lights for 1 minute)

Questions for Grades 7 & up:

  • T/F Tom worked on his inventions with very little help. (F – hired a whole team to help him)
  • T/F Tom often got very little sleep because he was so busy. (T)
  • T/F  Tom’s wife, Mina, had a father who was also an inventor.  (T)
  • What was the Black Maria? (Edison’s first motion picture studio)


K – 2: Color in the following page:

Optional:  Kids would also enjoy watching Thomas Edison animated Hero classics by Nest Entertainment

3 – 4: Thomas Edison worksheets:  and

Optional:  Kids would also enjoy watching Thomas Edison animated Hero classics by Nest Entertainment

5 – 6:Thomas Edison worksheets:  and and

7 – 8:    Write an essay on the one of the following:

Pick one quote and copy it on your paper.  Discuss how you believe Thomas Edison lived by that principle, citing examples from how he worked on a particular invention.  Then discuss how you can apply that principle to plans you have for your own future.

  • What experiences did Thomas Edison have as a child or young person that you believe made him a better inventor as an adult? Write a 5 paragraph, three proof essay.
  • Which of Thomas Edison’s inventions do you believe has had the greatest impact on society today? Why? Explain your answer.

Copyright May 6th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette

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