George Washington Carver

Week 15: George Washington Carver


Read K – 2:  A Picture Book of George Washington Carver by David Adler

3 – 4:  George Washington Carver by Andy Carter

5 – 8: A Pocketful of Goobers by Barbara Mitchell


  • When was George W. Carver born? (around the end of the Civil War)
  • Why didn’t he know his birthday? (slaves never knew their birthdays)
  • What happened to George’s mother? (disappeared after Ku Klux  Klan took her.)
  • Who raised George? (his white owners)
  • Who first taught George how to read and write? (his owners)
  • In what ways was George Carver gifted? (artistically, in working with plants, very smart)
  • Who asked George to come to work for him at the Tuskegee Institute? (Booker T. Washington)
  • How did George help his people in the south? (found new plants that would grow well, land enriched the soil)
  • Name some of the new plants he had them use? (peanuts, sweet potatoes)
  • What insect was destroying the cotton plants? (boll weevils)

Questions for Grades  5- 8:  

  • What are goobers? (peanuts)
  • Where did goobers originally come from? (Africa)
  • Why was it important to rotate crops? (so soil wouldn’t be worn out;  this puts nutrients back in the soil)
  • T/F Carver had a strong faith in God. (T)
  • What were some of the things people could use goobers for? (milk, oil, cosmetics, cream, cheese, pickles, shoe polish, stains, dyes, and linoleum)
  • T/F Carter was often treated poorly because of his skin color. (T)
  • What famous inventors offered Carver positions at their businesses? (Thomas Edison & Henry Ford [automobiles])
  • T/F Carver had a wife and family. (F)


K – 1: Boll Weevils were the insects that were destroying the cotton plants.  Type in “boll weevils” on this google images site:  Then use these pictures to create a boll weevil out of playdough.   Next, choose a few worksheets from this book for your student to complete:

2 – 4:   Complete this worksheet:  Then choose a few worksheets from this book for your student to complete:

5 – 8:    Write an essay on the following: Compare and contrast George Washington Carver and Thomas Edison.  In what ways were they both inventors?  What obstacles did they both have to overcome?  In what other ways were they similar?  Why do you think Edison asked Carver to work for him?


Copyright May 24th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette



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