Week 2: Galileo


Read K – 5:    I, Galileo  by Bonnie Christensen

6 – 8:   Galileo, The Genius Who Faced the Inquisition by Philip Steele OR Who Was Galileo? by Patricia Demuth


Some of Galileo’s inventions included a better compass, a better telescope,  a microscope thermometer, water pump, and a scale.


  • What did Galileo’s father want him to be? (a doctor)
  • What subject was Galileo’s choice of study? (mathematics)
  • What falls faster, a heavy object or a light object? (they fall at the same speed)
  • What were some of  Galileo’s inventions? (better compass, a better telescope,  a microscope thermometer, water pump, and a scale)
  • What was the name of the Greek Philosopher that many people admired and trusted the writings of? (Aristotle)
  • What new things did Galileo see through is telescope? (moon not smooth, infinite # of stars, Jupiter had 4 moons)
  • Name one of Galileo’s books? (The Starry Messenger or Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems, Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations)
  • What did Galileo believe was at the center of the universe? (the sun)
  • What did Aristotle believe was at the center of the universe? (the earth)
  • What church was upset about Galileo’s new theory? (Catholic church)
  • Why was the Pope upset with Galileo? (believed he was represented as a fool in the book Galileo wrote.)
  • What did Galileo stand trial for? (Heresy – teaching against the Catholic church)
  • What punishment did the church inflict on him? (House imprisonment)
  • What disability did Galileo have as he aged? (went blind, health suffered)

Questions for grades 6 – 8 only:

  • Where was Galileo born? (Italy)
  • What was Galileo’s father’s talent? (music)
  • How was Galileo’s final book published? (Pages of his book were secretly smuggled out of his house in batches and taken to a Dutch printer in Holland)


K – 3:  Using these images for help, draw a picture of a geocentric (earth centered) solar system – what people believed before Galileo — and then draw a picture of our actual (heliocentric) solar system:

4 – 5: Create a Galileo water clock according to the instructions on the last page this pdf worksheet:

6 – 8:  Choose one of the following essay topics:

  1. Galileo’s father originally wanted him to become a doctor. If he had lived to see all that Galileo accomplished and then went through during the inquisition do you think he would have been proud?  Explain your answer.
  2. Describe what you believe to be Galileo’s strengths and weaknesses (in character as well as abilities). Why do you feel as you do?
  3. Galileo’s books quickly became best sellers. People may not have believed his ideas but they certainly talked about them.  If Galileo’s trial had been before a jury of his peers, rather than the Spanish Inquisition, do you think they would have found him guilty of going against the Church?  Why or why not?

Copyright September 16th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette

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