Sir Isaac Newton

Week 3: Sir Isaac Newton


Read K – 5:    Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion by Andrea Gianopoulos

6 – 8:   Who was Isaac Newton by Janet Pascal OR Isaac Newton: The Scientist Who Changed Everything by Philip Steele OR Isaac Newton (Giants of Science) by Kathleen Krull (recommended for grades 7 & 8)


  • What did Isaac like to do with his free time when he was little? (invent mechanical toys, machines, contraptions; he also just liked to sit and think)
  • Why did Isaac have to leave Cambridge University? (Bubonic Plague)
  • Newton is well-known for his law of …? (gravity)
  • Newton’s book described three laws of …. (motion)
  • Newton’s 1st law: Objects in motion stay in motion unless  what? (an outside force makes it change)
  • Newton’s 3rd  law: When you push something, what happens? (it pushes you back)
  • T/F Newton invented a better telescope? (T)
  • What new math did Newton invent? (Calculus)
  • T/F Isaac Newton was knighted by Queen Anne.  (T)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8:

  • Why was Isaac angry with his mother? (married again and left him with his grandmother)
  • Name some of Isaac’s early inventions as a boy? (sun dial, water clock)
  • Newton’s 3rd law: Newton discovered that for every action there is an opposite ….? (reaction)
  • White sunlight is actually a mixture of what? (7 colors of the rainbow)
  • T/F Isaac Newton was well-liked and popular most of his life? (F)
  • T/F Isaac Newton liked farming. (F)
  • Name some of Newton’s mathematical discoveries and inventions? (Calculus – compares rate of change using geometry and algebra – can be used to work out the length of curved lines; learned about atoms; discovered light was made of a range of colors; gravity governs the planets as well as objects on earth)
  • Newton’s 2nd law: The rate of change in velocity of an object depends on what two things? (mass & force)
  • What was Alchemy? (early version of chemistry; Alchemists tried to turn one metal into another, even gold)
  • Why did he keep his alchemy a secret? (Did not want to be accused of black magic or religious crimes)
  • What was the name of Newton’s most famous book? (Principia Mathematica)
  • T/F Newton was often irritable and angry. (T)
  • T/F Newton worked for many years at a mint. (T)


K – 3:  Isaac Newton coloring page:–gravity-coloring-page/

4 – 5:  Complete the first worksheet on this pdf file:

6 – 8:  Choose one of the following essay topics:

  1. Who do you believe was the more important scientist, Galileo or Isaac Newton? Why?  Which would you prefer to have met at the time?  Why?  Explain your answers.
  2. Describe what you believe to be Isaac Newton’s strengths and weaknesses (in character as well as abilities). Why do you feel as you do?
  3. Discuss 3 of Newton’s inventions or discoveries.  Which do you believe to be the most interesting?  Why?

Copyright September 23rd, 2016 by Gwen Fredette


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